The Year of Return was a wonderful experience. The vibes that could be felt throughout the country were spectacular & Culture Travel Club did a good job of keeping the group in the mix. Being my 2nd trip to Ghana, I had already scene some of the sites, but I enjoyed the tour guides we had that were able to give us history on places & things we saw & experienced. As a person who travels often, here are some suggestions; Time is of the essence. Meeting times should be stressed in order to arrive at landmarks on time & to get the full experience. The trip to Cape Coast should be an overnight trip. Since travel time is about 3 hours to & from Accra, it would make sense to stay overnight. It will allow for more time at the slave castles(Cape Coast & Elmina) as well as other sites in that area. Also, lunch should not be prepared & sit on the bus (that is not kept cool) for hours. A stop at a restaurant would make more sense. When visiting the village, information on the tribe beforehand would be nice. Also, a small packet about the different tribes of the country would be nice to have. If not a packet, a site where people can go to read up on Ghanaian tribes. Not everyone will take the initiative so providing that information will add to the connection being made between the travelers & the local people of the country/village. Just a few suggestions to consider going forward. Again, thank you for a very nice experience.
By Abenaa B for Xmass & NYE In Ghana "The Africa Experience" on Feb 12, 2020
This trip was amazing! It was a cultural experience that I was glad to have shared with the individuals in the travel group as well as Culture Travel as a whole. You will definitely get your money's worth with experiencing the history and nightlife during the holiday season! I definitely recommend "The Africa Experience" with this Travel Club!
By Tanessa L for Xmass & NYE In Ghana "The Africa Experience" on Jan 12, 2020