I canceled my trip and I have not received my $100 deposit
By Carla J for Family Vacation on Jul 15, 2023
This was terrible, MG Getaways took our money and didn’t even plan the trip. She did not offer us a refund for travel. 625 gone.
By Jasmine S for He Asked And She Say I Do on Jun 23, 2023
Well let me tell what really happen this trip was organize by a fraud name Roberta McDaniel Johnson that work with this travel agent WeTravel (MGGetway LLC). We had this trip planned last year in June. She take our money didn’t confirm or reservation the hotel at the Royalton resort in the Dominican Republic in Punta Cana for June 8-12 . We found out on May 18. We couldn’t get our money back from the company. we had to do claim dispute . This is not professional and how to run a business. This company need to look into this situation and removed Roberta Johnson from this company. I’m very disappointed!!!
By Linda G for He Asked And She Say I Do on Jun 17, 2023


Unfortunately Roberta got me, and a few other ladies, for $1700, each! She planned our trip back in November of 2021 and we made our monthly payments for a year then she pushed the trip out another year. I spoke with her several times via phone and text and she assured me the trip was still going to happen, as some ladies canceled. Well, she stopped answering my texts and calls in July 2023. I got in touch with her agency and they informed me that they let her go earlier this year and she only paid $125 on our reservation. We were supposed to travel October 12-16, 2023. I feel so bad for anyone on this trip that her agency cannot reach out to, because they don't have everyone's contact information. TWO YEARS! To know that she never intended on securing the booking but to run off with our money is sickening. She gives a bad reputation to travel agents. Now I'm working with my bank and credit card company to try and recover some of the money she was paid. I will be filing a claim. Not sure if I'll get any of my money back, but it's worth a shot.
By Monica M on 15 Sep, 2023
Roberta is a complete scam.. I REPEAT DO NOT BOOK THROUGH THIS AGENCY !!!! She took me and my family money and we have to rebook through another resort and pay over again! You should be ashamed of yourself, you just stop answering the phone once you received everyone’s payments ! Karma &God got you ‼️
By ShaDarian M on 14 Jun, 2023