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Bryce Canyon Magical Light
Bryce Canyon Magical Light
Tropic, UT 84776, USA
09 May, 2024


I have been out with Collin for quiet a few times to capture the moments of nature with cameras. I enjoyed all of the trips. The beauty and grandeur of those places often captured my mind, as I was capturing their images. Photography is about capture the right light at right moments and right places. Colin is a career professional light expert, and has a keen sense and splendid knowledge about light. He helped almost every participant in his workshops to get high quality images. I have about 50 years of experience in photography, and I still learn something new in each Colin’s workshop. I plan to attend more Collin’s workshops.
By Quan D on 18 Dec, 2023
I attended Colin's Arches and Canyonlands workshop in March of 2023 and it was a fantastic experience. Colin knew the area well and took us to all the best spots at the right times. He was friendly and personable and I would recommend him to anyone interested in landscape photography. Our group had photographers with greatly varying levels of skill and experience and Colin was excellent at meeting their often different needs. This was my first time doing a photography workshop but it definitely won't be my last.
By Jerry B on 04 Dec, 2023
My first workshop with Rock Light Photo hooked me! The trip was well-organized, well-planned, had good fellow guests, and solid leadership from Colin Young. There was a strong sense of camaraderie and fun, heightened by most of us staying in the same rental house. We visited a lot of sites in Bryce Canyon, and since I'd never been, it was really eye-opening and fun. Colin organized things well, but not too much, and was responsive to the group's varying skill levels and energy. I've done several more photo workshops with Rock Light Photo in different places and consistently enjoyed myself, learned a lot about many aspects of photography, and gotten great images. I'd strongly recommend Rock Light Photo for photographers with a range of experience - you'll also have fun, grow as an artist, and create great photos.
By D H on 02 Nov, 2023