Past Trips

Run Patagonia - February 7-14, 2023
Run Patagonia - February 7-14, 2023
Puerto Natales, Natales, Chile
07 Feb, 2023


Absolutely loved this trip! As soon as it ended, I wanted to stay for the next group's trip. It was that fun! I am NOT a climber and was worried I would not be able to handle to amount of vert on this trip, and while I will say there was a good amount, it is not insurmountable. I would recommend hiking poles - so if you have signed up for this trip and are questioning packing them like I did....PACK THEM (I did not and wish I had). Aside from that, this trip had incredible runs, lodging (even the refugio was clean and had great food), and the views you will experience are jaw-dropping. Side note-if you get carsick, you may need to ask for the front seat on some of the drives.
By Holly G for Run Dolomiti: September 3-9, 2023 on Mar 23, 2024
I would have never thought to visit this part of Baja on my own but so happy this trip introduced it to me! The runs were so diverse - from picturesque views along the ocean, through a cactus sanctuary, to up and over a mountain ridge and down into a little fishing is hard to pick a favorite! The food was spectacular (and I am not one who typically eats seafood or fish) but because everything was so local and fresh and well prepared, the flavors were delightful. I would be remiss if I didn't comment on the accommodations - they are top notch, especially The White Lodge, an eco-friendly retreat where you will spend the final nights. And as always, Allison and the crew of guides (Kara and Borut for my trip) and the drivers and locals we had the pleasure of meeting were all fantastic, friendly, and just genuine humans who were a joy to be around. If you have any doubts about booking this trip, don't worry! You'll be glad you did!
By Holly G for Run Baja - November 20-26, 2022 on Mar 23, 2024
Another successful Rogue Trip! I have yet to be disappointed with a Rogue trip! Each and every trip is fantastic in its own way as are each and every guide! Kara and Ciaran made for a wonderful team to guide us through Morocco! Morocco is truly magical. At this point, it is a well-oiled machine for Rogue so all of the team knows exactly what they are doing and everything is seamless! My belly hurt from all the laughter much longer than my legs hurt from the running! I really feel like I got to see so much of morocco and in such a unique way! I highly recommend Morocco (or any other destination with Rogue)!
By Deborah J for Run Morocco: Gorges & Sahara - March 1-10, 2024 on Mar 22, 2024