An amazing experience for the students and a perfect balance of history and fun. There’s nothing else like it in all the middle school years, so it’s definitely one I’m glad mine didn’t miss. Kids talk about memories from the trip for many years after and I see why. The whole trip was safe, well-organized, and well-supervised, and students have the opportunity to be with old friends and even make new ones. Buses and hotels were clean and safe as well. Worthwhile, 100%!
By Summer T for Grassland 8th Grade Williamsburg Trip on 21 Aug, 2022
This was the easiest trip to prepare for! The travel agency made everything so simple and easy to understand what was required of us. I also really liked the automatic payment schedule
By beth s for Grassland 8th Grade Williamsburg Trip on 02 Dec, 2021
Overall, this trip was good for our son. But it was really too much packed into so few days for a trip 12 hours away. If we has really paid attention to the itinerary we may have held him back when we realized Monday was nothing but bus travel.
By Chris C for Grassland 8th Grade Williamsburg Trip on 02 Dec, 2021