Angel's retreat was life-changing. The center/hotel had a great staff, very clean accommodations (with incredible views) and delicious vegan meals made with love! Yoga and meditation( indoors and outdoors) were lovely! The group was small, so it was easy to make friends and create lasting bonds. You can tell Angel is committed to this lifestyle and truly passionate. Her energy is quite incredible, and her calmness is what I aspire to be more like. She provides a tool package to take home so the learning and practice can continue in your everyday life. She helped me plan the entire trip, including flights, other accommodations, and transportation. From beginning to end, I truly felt like I had a friend in Peru.
By Marwa K for 4 Days Machu Picchu Healing, Meditation, Yoga & Hiking Retreat (copy) on Apr 30, 2024
This retreat and Peru gave me a beautiful life experience I will never forget. Amita is a sweet, gentle soul, as well as her entire staff. Everyone was super friendly and accommodating. The stay was excellent and comfortable. The food prepared was vegan; it was my first time eating vegan, and I was not disappointed. It was so tasty; I have been thinking about the beet-carrot salad since I left. It was so yummy and my favorite. The tours were well organized. The Machu Picchu hike was excellent, and Amita goes at your pace, which is so encouraging. Aside from meditation and yoga, Amita has much more to offer spiritually if you are open to it. This is a once-in-a-lifetime experience and a great gift of love to yourself.
By Janalys C for 4 Days Machu Picchu Healing, Meditation, Yoga & Hiking Retreat on Jan 09, 2024
A once-in-a-lifetime gift to oneself. The most magical experience I’ve had in my life. Angel was a wonderful host who is in-tune with what a soul retreat is all about. I would highly recommend this retreat .
By Nalinee S for 4 Days Machu Picchu Healing, Meditation, Yoga & Hiking Retreat on Oct 03, 2022