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Adventure Experience (copy)
Adventure Experience (copy)
Sani Lodge & Yasuní National Park
4 days


From the greeter at the Quito airport who got us checked in to the sendoff from our guide at the airport in Coca for our return flight everything was perfect! The ride on the river to the elevated boardwalk through the jungle to the smaller canoe was magical. Being paddles up to the lodge was a delight and the welcome snacks were a delight. Our cabin was beautiful and comfortable and each meal was delicious! But most of all the time we got with our naturalist, Raul and local guide, Juan was amazing. We took advantage of every opportunity we were given to explore and experience. This is a fantastic way to experience part of this region and let’s you feel like supporting these efforts is good for everyone involved. Worth every penny! If you go for the walk and lunch experience at the community center be sure to bring extra cash to spend on the handicrafts the women offer. They have thoughtfully created very portable versions of traditional crafts. Including the traditional pottery! Yes, the mornings can be early, but the air is cool and the wildlife lively then. Besides you can sleep in at home! 😀
By James M for 4 days Mike McGinnis X 2,September 05-08,2023 #1214, fully payment on Sep 14, 2023
Amazing. The people were great and the lodge was very comfortable. And the chance to see and experience the Amazon in person was totally magical.
By Neil J for 5 days, Neil Josephsonx 7 , July 23-27 2023 (#1100) first deposit on Aug 06, 2023
We loved our stay at Sani. Victor and Nelson, our Kichwa naturalist guides, were fantastic. They were so knowledgeable about all the different flora and fauna and could spot birds, insects, reptiles, monkeys, name it! I never would have noticed. My favorite activity was the night hike and discovering all the creatures usually unseen. The lodge was very clean and well cared for and food was deliciously made with local ingredients. Such a fun and relaxing trip, wish we could have stayed longer!
By Eileen B for 4 days, Eileen Bai x2 , June 25-28,2023 (#1137) on Jul 09, 2023


Hola a todos. I was solo travelling around Ecuador and Sani Lodge was my treat! So many outings and so many species of plants and animals, it just blew my Conservation Biologist mind! Thanks to Raul and Frank for their expertise out there, they made me right at home and I even cried on the canoe leaving as it was such a lovely experience. I will bring my family with me in the future. Muchas gracias, Hayley.
By Hayley V on 24 May, 2023