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Sarah Plummer Taylor

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I’ve always really loved guiding people to better choices, and I did that first as a U.S. Marine Corps officer. Today - as a wellness counselor - I mentor people and organizations to help them find clarity and discover how to live healthier, happier lives. Pain is a pretty universal experience - life has kicked all of us in the teeth at least once, right? Thankfully, there are ways to train ourselves how to recover, restore, and revive after that happens. As a mental health professional, I get really energized during one-on-one counseling sessions and by leading resilience workshops when I see people discover fresh insights into their capacity for growth, as well as their access to new behaviors or habits they desire. I think in most cases people aren’t as far "off" as they think they are, and that it’s really important to begin a collaboration by focusing on what is going right and what my clients already know. I use really simple, evidence-based principles founded in mindfulness, cognitive behavioral therapies, and resilience theory to help people tune into their intuition and refocus their energy. So many people are frustrated because maybe their home lives or health aren’t in great shape, but they’re pouring all of their time into work. The approach that works here is about giving people some tools to start discovering how to align their behaviors and mindsets to support their values and what really matters to them, whether that be work life, family life, spiritual life, physical life, mental/emotional life, nutrition, or some combo of all of those. I'm really just the liaison between what the research shows us, and what you personally can practice and implement in your own life. We work together - individually or with your organization - to choose new, better aligned paths moving forward. If you're interested in knowing more about the retreats and workshops I lead or the counseling I do (yes, I can do this remotely!), please don't be shy about asking me some questions.


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Align-and-Shine NEW YEAR Retreat with Sarah & Lisa
Align-and-Shine NEW YEAR Retreat with Sarah & Lisa
Nosara, Guanacaste Province, Costa Rica
Jan 06, 2018


This past summer I was fortunate enough to attend Sarah's Yoga & Adventure retreat at Costa Rica Yoga Spa. At the time, I was going through some major life changes and needed to find peace within myself. Not only did I get what I was looking for at this well organized retreat but I also made lifelong friends, went on amazing adventures, ate delicious local cuisine and found yoga again. This trip for me was a life changing!! I would highly recommend it to anyone looking for a little adventure in their life!!
By Kendall Gill on Jan 13, 2017
It's so funny, because I wasn't "in" to yoga when I signed up for the yoga retreat. I just wanted a little adventure and a lot of rest. But after just one day, my body, mind, and soul felt AMAZING and I found that I really CRAVED the yoga part! I can not thank Sarah enough for all that I learned and gained from this wonderful experience, and I can't wait to return on future retreats!
By Kris Beal on Jan 13, 2017
I've been on several retreats, bar none this was the most unforgettable experience, extraordinary group of diverse kind souls who all gelled. I learned something valuable from each and every one of you. Thank you to Sarah for pulling together such a strong team to guide us and taking the time to have every detail thought out.
By Danielle Biase on Oct 06, 2016
Thank you "Sarah Squared" for an unforgettable and amazing time! Your knowledge, guidance, care, and genuine love to see our lives improved by yoga were so evidently clear. I came away challenged to make changes to improve my physical, emotional, and spiritual health. I love the holistic approaching of combining yoga, nutrition, and life coaching! walked away with a better understanding of myself; greater appreciation for life; and made life-long friendships. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!
By Diane Ngo on Sep 29, 2016
I probably would have never tried yoga if I hadn't stumbled upon the Semper Sarah website. I saw that she endured similar traumas and we had the same Iraq and Marine Corps background. After practicing yoga for the first time I was hooked. I also attended Sarah’s January Yoga retreat in Nosara Costa Rica which honestly helped me get re-centered and rebuild my life when I returned home.
By Tyler Kaplan on Sep 29, 2016
Overall an amazing experience and incredible journey! I loved what I learned and how I was exposed to all sorts of new things. This really was a life-changing experience because now I know what I want to continue exploring and where I want my life to continue its path. It was a perfect combination of yoga, activities and lectures. This was a great way to bond in all settings with our fellow retreaters.
By Susan Koziol on Sep 29, 2016