I cannot praise Selena enough for creating such a beautiful, rich, life transforming retreat. I brought my 18 year old daughter with me, and we both felt safe and held as Selena expertly guided us through healing and transformative breath, meditation and yoga practices. The retreat center was flawless, the Greek islands are otherworldly, the food was to die for. We left feeling rejuvenated, more alive in our bodies and spirits, deeply inspired. We made life-long friends out of the other retreat participants, that is the energy and tone that Selena helped create. My daughter and I will be following her around the world on more retreats for years to come. Go to one of her retreats. Just do it, it will change your life.
By Sarah M for Presence and Power Greece Retreat 2022 on 29 Sep, 2022
My experience was more than I expected. The Aegialis Hotel & Spa was the most magical place I've ever stayed, the staff were all wonderful, they were kind, helpful and just some of the best people you could ever meet! There are breath taking views from every room, the open air dining area with the most spectacular view created the most relaxing dining experience of my life. I met Selena Garefino on Facebook and I enrolled in her online yoga teacher training in 2020 during my treatment and healing from breast cancer(not to mention a worldwide pandemic)! The yoga program that Selena created for us was so potent and powerful, morning asana and a restorative practice with soul soothing breath work in the evening was perfectly crafted for us in the moment as things were evolving during the retreat(all from a yoga space with a view of the sea) this was my first in person meeting with Selena and she is as kind in person as she has been over zoom for the last 2 years I've been studying with her! She is already so knowledgeable in many movement modalities and her academic accomplishments are too many to mention here(so impressive!) she is a self proclaimed forever student! As a bonus Dr. Paula Sauer( a decorated physical therapist and our anatomy teacher in Selena's trainings) was on retreat with us, so nice to meet her as well! I have memories that will last a life time from this retreat, the people I met here are going to be lifelong friends! These amazingly beautiful people made me feel safe, seen and heard in a way no one else ever has! They were so kind, giving and loving which was so comforting for me because I traveled to Greece alone(most had a friend or loved one with them). They were from different walks of life from me but they made me feel included. I learned so much from everyone I met, lessons that I will carry into my everyday life. If you are like me and have no one that shares your interest in yoga or travel don't be afraid to travel alone, the people of the world are beautiful, kind and helpful, just do your research and make your travel plans well ahead of time and give yourself time to get to Amorgos, it is a 6 hour ferry ride from Piraeus port, you can buy your tickets on line and all the logistics are well worth the experience!!!! Selena welcomes everyone, because yoga is for everyone no matter if you have never done an asana pose in your life Selena will be right by your side safely guiding you, I promise she will take care of you body and spirit! More than anything this experience has feed my soul and I am planning to go on Selena's retreat in Italy next year, her payment plan makes it possible for me and I am so thankful! Thank you so very much Selena for creating this life changing experience!!! I love you!!!
By Pamela A for Presence and Power Greece Retreat 2022 on 09 Sep, 2022
Having done a few yoga retreats in my life now, this one stands out as one of the best I've ever experienced. First, Selena is very skilled in yoga asana, philosophy, breathe work, and personal development work. Her years of learnings and teaching come very naturally to her and with a tone of gentleness and kindness that will support most people in the room. She teaches to the room, so if you have never done yoga or are unfamiliar with breath work or asana, do not worry. She will support you. This retreat focused on Katohna yoga, which I had never done before. It felt new and interesting in the body, very safe for my aging body, and well instructed in a playful way. The breath work was very new to me (albeit not new to some others in the room) and I encourage those interested to dive in and try it. The end result was elements of euphoria mixed with a safe space to be vulnerable in. Selena's retreats attract a variety of people that were a real pleasure to spend time with and get to know. Quality people all together with a wonderful sense of spirit and openness. The retreat was held in a beautiful resort in Amorgos, Greece. Perfect for staying in the resort, swimming in the Aegean Sea down below, or adventuring on the island or by boat. The food - so much food and very high quality. I have Celiac disease and had many options to eat at every meal. Many vegetarian and fish dishes as well, as well as different meat options for those preferring something more substantial. The staff - very sweet and helpful. It was difficult to say goodbye with this retreat, and I felt relaxed and attended to on many levels. Thank you Selena. Can't wait for the next one.
By Paula S for Presence and Power Greece Retreat 2022 on 07 Sep, 2022