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Sarva Rasa Yoga Selena ERYT, Anwar ERYT
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SELENA GAREFINO E-RYT, MPH, PHD CANDIDATE Selena Garefino is the co-founder of Sarva Rasa Yoga. She began practicing yoga when she was 13 years old. Yoga has been and continues to be for Selena, a vehicle for learning to shift from habitual emotional and behavior tendencies towards serving highest possibility. Selena completed her first vinyasa training with Core Power Yoga. She went on to study with Sarah Powers, Melina Meza, Anne Phyfe, Nicolai Bachman, Elena Brower, and Noah Mazé. She has studied Yin Yoga, Restorative Yoga, Pre-natal and Postpartum Yoga, Vinyasa, and Hatha Yoga. Selena is dedicated to teaching movement through artful alignment to support her students on and off of their mats. Her classes offer yoga and meditation as a mechanism to shift the way we offer ourselves in all aspects of our lives and as a tool for granting profound healing in our bodies, our hearts, and ultimately our relationships. ANWAR GILBERT E-RYT, BSC NUTRITION, EXERCISE, AND

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The training with Sarva Rasa Yoga surpassed all expectation i had... the teachers are amazing! I would recommend anyone looking to develop a base for teaching or to develop their own practice further to look at Sarva Rasa and they will not disappoint. The training was intensive, but the learning and development will last a lifetime!


Selena is an energetic, knowledgeable and passionate teacher of yoga. She has an exceptional teaching style that is inclusive, patient, captivating and extremely well organized. Her curriculum is far reaching and demanding. I truly am amazed at her wealth of knowledge and feel fortunate that the universe led me to her. I would whole heartedly recommend Selena's programs to anyone wishing to teach yoga or broaden their understanding of this amazing spiritual journey.
By Janet Smith on Apr. 02, 2017
I took my first class from Selena almost two years ago, and I still remember it. Why? Because during that class I had this moment like, "hell yeah" - I found my teacher. Since that first class, I've taken dozens of classes from Selena and every time, I walk away with a bit more... A bit more knowledge, awareness, spark, spunk, love, breath, understanding... every time, I walk away feeling a bit more alive. My asana practice has grown and benefited from Selena's mindful sequencing and every other part of my yoga practice (and life) has grown and benefited from knowing her. Selena is an amazing teacher. She's knowledgeable on every level you could want. She has soul and spirit. She is honest and raw. She's freaking witty and hilarious. She shows up and requires that you show up for yourself. More importantly than being an amazing teacher, Selena is one of the best people that I know. Anyone is lucky to cross paths with this wonderful human and I highly recommend that you do.
By Chelsey Mae on Mar. 16, 2017
Selena Garefino is an excellent, compassionate and exciting yoga teacher. She is regarded as one of the best teachers in the state of Montana. She brings her knowledge and passion for yoga to everyone. Selena has a wealth of experience to share teaching her classes as well as educating new teachers. Don't miss this experience to train with her. She has worked very hard to create a teacher training that will be a fantastic experience. Kathy Pierandozzi
By Kathy Pierandozzi on Mar. 16, 2017
I whole-heartedly recommend Selena Garefino's YTTs. She is so knowledgeable and passionate about yoga, the language, and us as individuals. I am currently participating in a 200 hour RYS training with her. I had been wanting to do YTT for years and when I learned that Selena was doing training I was ecstatic! I had taken classes and workshops from her previously and knew that she was the one that I wanted to lead me on this amazing journey to follow my dream! You will be pushed to learn and grow and delve deeply so that you can emerge a confident, caring, and knowledgeable instructor!
By Sherry Hodges on Mar. 16, 2017
I am currently lucky enough to be participating in yoga teacher training with the amazing Selena Garefino in Montana. I cannot explain how fantastic and beautiful this process has been, and the incredible joy and progress it has brought to my practice and my life. Through this program I have grown personally, physically, and emotionally. My physical practice and philosophical understanding of yoga have been heightened beyond my imagination thus far, and I love that I continue to learn every day. I intend to continue to practice with, and learn from Selena as long as possible because I cannot imagine a better teacher and mentor. Take the leap, and do it with Selena... you won't regret it!
By Maureen Sullivan on Mar. 15, 2017
Selena is a truly wonderful teacher - I can't imagine embarking on the 200hr YTT journey with anyone else. Her teaching style, both in her yoga classes and YTT modules is concise, energetic, challenging (come prepared to work!), and fun. Selena's assignments and in class exercises can be difficult (some physically, some mentally) but build on one another, and are incredibly helpful in establishing a strong foundation in all of the subtleties that go into teaching safely, intelligently and successfully. Whether or not you are planning on teaching following training, you will leave with wealth of knowledge about yogic philosophy, much improved sanskrit pronunciation, an understanding of anatomy as it pertains to yoga, and a yoga practice that you LOVE.
By Bria Gillespie on Mar. 15, 2017
Out of many excellent teachers and wonderful people at Hothouse Yoga in Missoula there are three names I will always look for and Selena is one of them. I've been practicing yoga for just 3 years and I look for Selena's classes for the peace, happiness and strength I find in each of her classes.
By Darren Kennedy on Mar. 15, 2017