Past Trips


This trip was incredible! From the location, to the people who participated and to the fabulous food that was created for us... Outstanding retreat and I highly recommend. Grateful for such an amazing experience.
By faith r for Sérénité Wellness Retreat on 20 Nov, 2019


I attended the Serenite Wellness retreat last weekend, and it was AMAZING! From Friday to Sunday noon, the entire experience as wonderful. Everything, from the programming, delicious meals and juices, the collective healers (meditation, yoga, massage, accupuncture and the Sound Healing session was like nothing I've ever experienced before) -- was way beyond my expectations. I've been to many spas and retreats of the past 25 years -- and this experience was Five Star. In just 2 days, I came back relaxed, calm, feeling restored and rejuvenated -- and a new vision of how to live my life. I'm implementing a new "self care" plan to keep all this going! I highly recommend this retreat to anyone wanting to relax, restore, calm the mind, restore your body and so much more. Thank you to Natalie, Claudine, Tara, Ann, Hadley, Marian and Gabby and our resort hosts Dale and Katie -- and the other wonderful participants -- we all bonded thru the weekend.
By Teresa R on 14 Nov, 2019