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What a nourishing, reflective, and inspiring retreat. I am absolutely atonished how much wellness was created on this time we shared together. We had spaciousness for meditation, yoga, ceremony, hiking, swimming/cold plunges, wisdom shared with nourishing food prepared for us each day. I'm so grateful for the beautiful space and teachings from Shakthi.
By NneJ K for Mt Shasta Summer Yoga, Meditation, Rejuvenation Retreat on 27 Aug, 2022
It was a magical weekend! Such an incredible space, community and food. I felt as if I was able to really expand my practice of meditation because Shakthi and Whitney (and definitely Alex & Kayla as well!) were able to create such a safe and welcoming space. That weekend served as a turning point in my pregnancy, bringing me peace and calm and acceptance. I will look back on it whenever I need inner strength. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!
By Katherine S for Rejuvenation Retreat- Yoga, Meditation in Tibetan Monastery on 28 Aug, 2018