Past Trips

BDTG Wonders of Dubai
BDTG Wonders of Dubai
Dubai - United Arab Emirates
23 Apr, 2019
Steve and Beejay Dubai Experience  2022
Steve and Beejay Dubai Experience 2022
Dubai - United Arab Emirates
20 Mar, 2022


It was the trip of a lifetime, one off your bucket list! Shameka was an amazing host and I look forward to traveling with her again in the future. Flight was great, hotel, tour guide, excursions, etc. Money well spent! Thank you!
By Tien A for BDTG Wonders of Dubai on Jun 13, 2019
In my opinion the only thing I could say is that it was a lack of information and communication with the group. You ask a Business corporate didn’t have confer return for the group to jfk airport not have to Dallas and others have to Newark. As a business you need to bring everyone together . As a company you are not organized property, win or lose do the thing right or don’t do it. That’s my opinion. Kind regards Diogenes......
By Diogenes Z for BDTG Wonders of Dubai on May 16, 2019
What an amazing trip!!! Definitely an unforgettable experience, and I will surely return. Thank you so much!
By Gabriella Z for BDTG Wonders of Dubai on May 13, 2019