This trip helped me to ground myself in the beauty of nature, to shed the veil of constant distraction of life, technology, social media and the city and really look at myself. The compassionate nature of the facilitators, the community coming together each on their own healing journey and the delicious local food came together perfectly.
By Kyle Philip Q for Remembering Wholeness: A Queer Men's Wellness Experience on Jan 06, 2023
I was stressed out this fall, facing burnout at both my job and in my work in the community. When I realized I had vacation time to use up, I explored my options. Maybe a winter vacation in the Canadian Rockies? Snowshoeing could build on my hiking practice. But it’s one thing to go on long hikes by myself in Marin County - going out in snow country is another! Then the Queer Wellness Collaborative came across my screen. The Remembering Wholeness retreat would fall after a big event I was planning, and before the holidays. A week with other queer men into yoga, with meals and activities included? Yes! Just a few years ago, I might have felt unprepared. But a bunch of pandemic-era hiking had built my confidence, and had led me to a practice of daily exercise and I had achieved more strength while addressing alignment and posture problems that had long vexed me. Now in my fifties, I have a better relationship with my body than ever before. The retreat would be both a reward and a gateway to continued growth. My husband told me he supported my choice, and I signed up. I’m so glad I attended Remembering Wholeness. The food, the shelters, the facilities, the movement, the ceremonies, and the natural environment were all worthy of accolades. Mostly, I basked in the company of other queer men, all of us sharing our joy and spirit with each other. I highly recommend the retreat and stays offered by the Queer Wellness Collective.
By Dale D for Remembering Wholeness: A Queer Men's Wellness Experience on Dec 19, 2022
I was stunned by how beautiful this retreat space was. So many thoughtful touches and the views were incredible. I felt so restored by the end I can't wait to go back.
By Cameron C for Pura Vida 40th Bday Bash + Retreat on Jun 01, 2022