Past Trips


This was my second retreat with Shonna and Milan. It was so refreshing meeting other women and having the hosts teach us different types of self-love. The yoga and meditation classes were amazing. Everything from travel to foods, excursions, classes, relaxation is thought through and planned perfectly. I intend to continue going on these retreats.
By Melissa O for Awaken the Goddess of Self Love on Feb 17, 2022
It was a great adventure and I am so happy that I invested in this experience. :)) The yoga classes, beach, waterfall and food, outstanding!! But the best part of this trip was the hosts and the food (smile). Thanks Golden Goddess Getaway's!!
By Paula M for Awaken the Goddess of Self Love on Feb 17, 2022
This trip was so wonderful! It was my first time out of the country and I had so many beautiful experiences and delicious food! I greatly underestimated the bugs, their size, and that they're absolutely harmless. Still wasn't messing with them though lol. Can't wait for the next one!! :D
By Chrystal M for Awaken the Goddess of Self Love on Feb 10, 2022