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It was a great 3 days trip. Leng was very helpful in making arrangement for us. At the same time thankyou our guide steven for always being active in explaining and keeping us updated with the trip's significant and symbolic points. Highly recommend others to choose Siem Reapers whilst visiting Siem Reap. Thank you!
By King T for 3-Day Cambodia Discovery (King Tan 50% Deposit) on Nov 30, 2023
By Grace P for Siem Reap Evening Food Tour on Nov 29, 2023
Cycling through Laos allows you to see the country in a way you can’t when you driving through in a minibus. Our Guide and Driver was excellent, giving us support and an insiders view to living there through out the trip. They were there when you needed it over the trip. The accommodation and food was generally excellent for what was available in each town and our guide was happy to show us local food options.
By James T for Cycle Laos Backroads Full Payment - Mr.Taylor James | by Sreyleak on Oct 22, 2023