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Royalton Chic Antigua
11 Oct, 2024


We had a good time just being in St. Maarten with our family that traveled with us. We live in different cities so it was great to be with them. I was disappointed and a bit embarrassed about how the trip went. I raved to them about the trip we attended with this group to Dubai in March. This was no comparison. It was very disorganized, nothing was on time, the clubs were mediocre and empty. The communication was horrible. We were pretty much left to our own devices. I can recall only one gentleman that spoke to us to see if we were good or if we were having a good time and he actually ended being on our flights back home. We really didn’t get to see much of the island or do anything with the locals like on the previous trip. I could have went to St. Maarten on my own without paying all the extra money to be there with a group with an itinerary. We enjoy traveling and meeting people without the hassle of trying to find things to do. This was not it. This trip has me thinking twice about traveling with this group again. The best part of the trip for me was the suite and the employees at the resort. The parties were boring, the sightseeing trip was disappointing. There was no direction once the bus drivers dropped us off at each location. We pretty much just had to try to follow other people that were guests as we were. The boat ride was ok. I wish we actually went around to see something other than just drinking anchored in one spot then move to another spot to do the same thing. The food on the boat was cold and disgusting. One of the Dj’s at every event was wearing us out about an ex new partner. If you look better than your ex new partner, if you make more money than your ex new partner, if you do it better than your ex new partner. We felt he must have gotten dumped and became an ex before the trip. It was very repetitive, annoying and awkward. So moving forward I think it needs to be organized better, better communication with accurate information, be on time, look for better venues, and make sure the Dj is in a healthy head space before getting on the mic. Make sure the guests know who admin are and who to come to if there are any concerns like in Dubai. Make it more personable.
By Nikia M for INSOMNIA WEEKEND 2023 on Oct 12, 2023
We had a great time met wonderful people! And all of the excursions were great. Looking forward to next year!
By Palestine F for gfXcursions - presents Grenada 2023 "Keep it Spicy" on Jul 31, 2023
We had a great time!
By Sharea C for gfXcursions - presents Grenada 2023 "Keep it Spicy" on Jul 26, 2023