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It was awesome! It was quite a busy schedule but I would do it all again. Sonya did an excellent job and our Egypt tour guide was the best! I would have liked another day at the Hergata Resort. The group was great and everyone formed a bond and we did feel like FAMILY after the first day.
By Terri W for World Next Door Return of the Pharaohs on Sep 26, 2022
People listen to me when I tell you this is the trip of a lifetime! I should know this was my 2 time going. As a matter of fact there were a few of us who were on the first trip, decided to go again on this trip. Same tours, and Thank God, the same tour guide!.. That's a testament in itself. Ahmed Hashem or Brother H as we call him, gave us the best experience possible AGAIN! The Hotels were wonderful, and the staff at these hotels were so pleasant and accommodating. The 3 day Nile cruise on the MS Farah was too short. I wished it was 5 days. The food was amazing, and I'm an extremely picking eater. I have all kinds of food issues. The group coordinator Sonya Lowry-Young knows how to put a trip together, and bring like-minded people together. I love traveling with Sonya and World Next Door, to bad this was the 2nd to the last of her trips. So bummed! :-( I Loved Everything about this trip, the group, the guide, the tours and the knowledge learned! Worth every penny spent!
By CARMENLITA C for World Next Door Return of the Pharaohs on Sep 20, 2022
I had a great time and Sonya was excellent she is a great person. Everything was very organized. I would go back with her
By Arlene M for World Next Door Return of the Pharaohs on Sep 20, 2022