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Stacie views yoga as a spiritual, psychological, and energetic journey that inspires greater understanding of the true Self. She believes in the potency of breath as the most powerful natural resource for deep healing of the heart, transformation of the mind and connection to Spirit. Her classes emphasize the integration of breath and movement, meditation, and pranayama transforming the practice into a holistic exploration of the mind, body and soul. She draws on her background as an Integral Psychotherapist to evoke Self-inquiry from a place of curiosity and compassion.

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I have taken Stacy's classes for many years at the studio. She is a thoughtful teacher that challenges her students to dive deeper beyond the physical postures. I appreciate the way she weaves her philosophy into the practice, Thank you Stacy for a wonderful gathering.
I always enjoy the time I spend with Stacie. Anywhere with her is a space where I can drop in, tune in and learn so much about myself through intriguing talks, quiet focus and moving through my asana practice. I'm so grateful to have her as a teacher and an influence in my life - she makes me a better person!
Haramara is an incredible gem in Sayulita. It is like coming home to restoration, to simplicity, to nature, to the ocean. Going on retreat with Stacie is a true treasure too. She powerfully holds space for deep transformation and internal reflection. What an incredible trip!