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Steve is the owner of Sion BJJ in Bucks County, PA. Born with a degenerative hip disease, he was confined to leg braces as a child, and had multiple surgeries. Due to his limitations, he was the target of bullying, leading him to Tae Kwon DO, Kempo., and finally Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. Through BJJ, he has found peace and a healthy outlet for the stress in his life. Although a pro career was not possible due to his medical issues, Steve currently competes in local tournaments, pro level events, and is a FIGHT TO WIN Competitor. He currently trains with some of the biggest names in the industry, inc. Henry Akins, Ryron, and Rener and Kroyler Gracie, to name a few. Since opening Sion in 2014, the company has grown into an apparel brand, gym and worldwide retreat company. Over the past 20 years, Steve has consistently challenged himself in daily life and in MMA. Now his goal is to pass his knowledge on to others and help them become what they were meant to be!

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Brazilian Jiu Jitsu in Costa Rica!
Brazilian Jiu Jitsu in Costa Rica!
Guanacaste Province, Nosara, Costa Rica
Mar 10, 2019

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