This was a meticulously curated adventure for art lovers and foodies, in a region of Mexico that still remains routed in indigenous culture with barely any signs of commercialism. The group size was manageable, the access to local artisans and chefs was delightful, the interpreters made the visits more enjoyable for non Spanish speakers. The hands on experiences were quite fun and engaging! The hotel was clean, comfortable with a welcoming staff. The transportation was effortless. And Xhico and Tanya were great hosts that made you feel right at home and excited to explore the wonders of Oaxaca! It’s a magical land that will feed your art and soul!
By Mary J for Wonders of Oaxaca: Life by Design - A Retreat for Designers & Artists on Nov 11, 2022
It's hard to put into words how amazing this trip was. Oaxaca is so rich in sights and history, it was key to have a guide curate the best hands-on food, art, and architecture experiences. Decades of nurturing contacts allow Xhica and Tanya, and their extended local team to give insights and political context for deeper understanding of everything we were seeing and doing, from painting a Dia del Muertos mural with seminal Jalatlaco artist Bouler, to a pre-colonial clay pot mescal brewery, to bustling markets with nary another tourist in sight. Each day was better than the last day. Delicious food. Perfect mix of interesting people. Pure joy!
By Sunja P for Wonders of Oaxaca: Life by Design - A Retreat for Designers & Artists on Nov 09, 2022
The trip of a lifetime. Xhico and Tanya curated the perfect artist's retreat--full of visits to some of Mexico's premier and most celebrated mural artists, belt weavers, rug weavers, potters, painters, printers, sculptors, and more. We got to meet these artisans in person in an up-close-and-personal manner that would never have been possible traveling alone. Everything went off without a hitch. They were gracious, kind, and genuinely dedicated to providing the most positive travel experience possible. The organization and execution of the trip's experiences and events were perfect. Everything ran on time. Everything was perfectly arranged. It was an absolute pleasure to be a part of this retreat and the inspiration that flowed from it. I highly recommend this trip to any artist or person seeking the very best experiences in Oaxaca, Mexico.
By Michael S for Wonders of Oaxaca: Life by Design - A Retreat for Designers & Artists on Nov 02, 2022