This was another magical, educational, renewing, soul and mind nourishing experience. Everything was perfect! Learning about the plant wisdom, the accommodations, the food was delicious, the morning and evening gatherings around the fire, the medicine making, digging the roots... Thank you Susanna, Maryn and Sam for sharing your knowledge so generously!
By Petrina P for ROOTS, SONG, PRAYER & BREATH :: Healing Herbs and Voices on 20 Oct, 2022
I fell in love with this place from the first time! The atmosphere, energy, organization, people, knowledge are all at the highest level!
By olga y for ROOTS, SONG, PRAYER & BREATH :: Healing Herbs and Voices on 14 Oct, 2022
It was a magical and memorable weekend, truly soul healing. We were lucky with the dry and sunny wether and were able to be outdoors all the time. Being immersed in a beautiful lush nature and so many medicinal plants, bird songs and great people left me uplifted and inspired. I learned tons from Susanna and Sam who shared not only their knowledge but also themselves as we sat together during the meals and the evening fire so selflessly. All the structures and accommodations were esthetically gorgeous and very comfortable. I loved that for all the designs, inside and outside, only natural materials were used. Thank you for creating this incredible experience!
By Petrina P for OUR GREEN RELATIONS :: A Soul Healing Weekend with Plants on 23 Aug, 2022