Retreat was amazing. Suzanne brings her heart and soul to everything, from yoga to home cooked incredible food. Since I am older, I was worried about being able to keep up with yoga and surfing but the atmosphere Suzanne creates is so relaxed, there was nothing to worry about. 5 stars, thumbs up.
By Ruth S for Letting Go: Yoga, Surfing & Meditation Retreat on Nov 05, 2019
What a fabulous retreat! Great food, great yoga, great surfing, great company. We had a wonderful time even with the power out. Suzanne is a wonderful cook and she gathered a very welcoming and interesting group of people together. My husband and I attended on the spur of the moment. We didn't know any of the other people there but they made us feel welcome from the start. We were a bit nervous about the surfing but it was super fun and the beach was gorgeous.
By Nina C for Letting Go: Yoga, Surfing & Meditation Retreat on Nov 05, 2019
Suzanne is so full of positive energy! Her nurturing spirit and delightful sense of humor would bring any group together. The venue for the yoga and meditation retreat was serene and spa-like, with gorgeous views of the ocean and nature all around. The weekend was a bounty of restorative and challenging yoga, thoughtful meditation, self-care, and delicious and nourishing food. We are already looking forward to the next one!
By Karen S for Springtime Yoga & Meditation Retreat at Stinson Beach on Apr 06, 2019


Suzanne is a wonderful yoga teacher! Her classes are filled with laughter, energy and good will! They are both challenging and suited to all levels. She takes great care to correct form....I went to her retreat last year and it was terrific. I am very much looking forward to the next one!
By Nina S on 01 Jan, 2019
Suzanne's retreats are very special and I've loved them all! There was a really nice balance of yoga, meditation and time to restore, especially in the beauty of Nature. She's a great teacher, in many ways, and always fun to be around too. One of my favorites for sure! Highly recommended!
By Kim B on 31 Dec, 2018