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Rishikesh Class with Talia Sutra JULY 13 10am - 1pm
Rishikesh Class with Talia Sutra JULY 13 10am - 1pm
Rishikul location: Narayan Kunj Village: Jonk , Swargashram Ramjhula, Rishikesh Uttarakhand - 249304, India
13 Jul, 2022


I am truly delighted by my experience. It was all that I expected and looked for in a 300h training. Talia truly embodies what she teaches and she helped me transformed my practice into a sadhana. I broadened my yogic knowlege and I now feel empowered to elevate both my teaching and practice. In terms of logistics and facilities: 1) The food was healthy, good and simple. Might be surprising for India, but I actually had the best digestion of my life. 2) The rooms were confortable but it is important to manage expectations: nothing luxurious/some minor things had to be fixed (example: toilet flush) BUT the staff and LAAIC's team were always ready to solve any request. 3) I was a bit surprised by that we had to bring our own mats to India. It would have been nice to be provided with good mats at the location, but I understand that it is India and that it was not possible to do so (not a big issue honestly, the airline did not create any problem to travel with the mat in the cabin). 4) LAAIC team was fantastic in organizing shuttles to and out of the retreat center!! I strongly recommend this training. To know if it is for you, I suggest learning with Talia on her app first.
By Sarah H for LAAIC 300 HR EMBODIED PRACTICE - Rishikesh India on Apr 06, 2024
Best experience I ever gifted myself. Talia and the LAAIC team created the most meaningful, heart centered, and inspiring training. It was challenging in all the right ways. Love and trust were the pillars of the programming for Talia, Tony, Flor, Flavia and all the other teachers who made the experience what it was- I deeply know this because I felt it in every morning Sādhana, every lecture and every meal. Not only did i deepen my own personal practice, I gained incredible insights from teachers and my fellow trainees and learned so much more about what it means to embody Yoga. Thank you LAAIC for opening my heart to my fullest potential. I can’t wait to reunite again.
By Sara L for LAAIC 300 HR EMBODIED PRACTICE - Rishikesh India on Apr 05, 2024
Incredible training with incredible teachers and humans. Wish I could do it again 🥰
By Barri D for LAAIC 300 HR EMBODIED PRACTICE - Rishikesh India on Apr 05, 2024