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Rishikesh Class with Talia Sutra JULY 13 10am - 1pm
Rishikesh Class with Talia Sutra JULY 13 10am - 1pm
Rishikul location: Narayan Kunj Village: Jonk , Swargashram Ramjhula, Rishikesh Uttarakhand - 249304, India
13 Jul, 2022


What an incredible week of learning with such a wise and knowledgable teacher @talia_sutra @love.and.all.is.coming I’m so grateful, I enjoyed this week so much. Recommend this 30 hours online training to teachers and non teachers to help expand your personal growth and help develop a deeper understanding of yoga philosophy and the asana practice. Really loved the information on bandhas and how to incorporate this more into my own personal practice as well as teaching this to my students. I feel so inspired and in awe of Talia’s wisdom and deep love and devotion in this path of realisation. Also super grateful for the groups interactions and everyone’s personal experiences and thoughts. Learn’t so much from everyone else as well. Looking forward to using Talia’s Method for my personal practice and already applying some of tools and techniques in classes I’m teaching. A lot to digest but so looking forward to the process. Thank you so much Talia for sharing. 🙏🏽
By Tina G for THE COMPLETE T.S METHOD on Aug 11, 2023
Lovely Talia, It was a wonderful experience! I truly loved the way of approaching the asanas and the whole structure of your training! Thank you for remind us how important is the foundation in a practice! They are so powerful! I am soooo grateful, I enjoyed this week very very very much!! Love, love, love ❤️
By Salomi S for THE COMPLETE T.S METHOD on Aug 10, 2023
I am beyond grateful for the opportunity to attend THE COMPLETE T.S METHOD. I am in love with Talia’s teachings, I practice with her on her app, and this workshop was an extraordinary experience as well. I'll treasure the wisdom gained here, forever guiding my path towards self-discovery and growth. Beyond her exceptional teaching, Talia's kindness and approachability truly set her apart. I cannot thank Talia enough for the positive impact she has had on my practice and my life. Attending her workshop was a gift, and I'm already looking forward to the next opportunity to learn from this truly amazing teacher!
By Ena M for THE COMPLETE T.S METHOD on Aug 02, 2023