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Tammy Hayano is the creator of Hanuman Yoga Retreat. Originally from California, she has been an ex-pat in various countries, as well as a world traveler for the past 14 years. Tammy took her love of travel, teaching background, and interest in transformational experiences to start Hanuman Yoga Retreat. Since its launch in 2013, Tammy has led retreats in Bali, Thailand, Mexico, Hawaii, and California. Tammy brings a gentle, calm, and self-inquiry approach and strives to make her classes accessible to everyone’s needs. For more information, visit: Tammy is trained in 7 modalities: Hatha Yoga, QiGong, JourneyDance™, Innerdance Energy Work Process, TRE/tension-trauma release exercises, Laughter Yoga, and Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy.



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I always thought I’d be not much of a spiritual person. That was until I met Tammy and Ciara for my 3day-retreat at Om Waters. They created a truly beautiful, safe and inspiring environment for a group of total strangers to feel welcomed and at home in. The retreat gave me the chance to reset some buttons and overthink some patterns of my life. Tammy and Ciara figuratively opened up a variety of doors. And what I loved about it: They didn’t force anybody to enter. Nobody was pushed to see what lies behind them. Instead, our two facilitators welcomed everybody to explore the worlds behind those doors at their very own pace and energy. So, every single moment at Om Waters I felt safe and sound and just in the right place, with just the right loving and welcoming people surrounding me. I truly miss those calm, enriching days at Om Waters. I truly do.
This retreat surpassed all of my expectations. Tammy and Fernando created a truly wonderful, healing program. It was so well organized - exactly what I needed. The accommodations were exactly what I expected (shown on the website). The chef and his team prepared delicious food. All of the participants were awesome, and I know I will stay in touch with many of these wonderful, interesting people. The intentions I set on this retreat will guide me as I move forward in 2018, and I can see myself making a New Years retreat each year. All my gratitude to Tammy and Fernando for creating such an empowering, loving experience. XO Denise