I absolutely loved this retreat with Tammy & Alessia!! Everything flowed really well and I felt there was a really good balance between scheduled sessions & free time to just relax, swim and connect with the wonderful group of people. The venue at OM Waters was really a special experience. I had been there before, but the surroundings were even more beautiful than I'd remembered. I especially loved the "Family Constellations" session with Tammy ~ it was really an expansive and profound experience for me (and definitely stretched my comfort zone as well). The food was also overall really great and they made special accommodations for vegan and gluten-free. After the retreat, since the resort is floating on the lake, I did experience a sense of "still moving" for 1 day after the retreat, haha, but totally worth it ;) I'd absolutely recommend Tammy's retreats and would love to join again in the future!
By Heidi W for Awakening the Soul~ THAILAND Yoga & Wellness Retreat on Dec 06, 2023
I had a fabulous time. Om Lake was spectacularly beautiful. Tammy and Alicia were wonderfully warm facilitators. I would highly recommend this retreat if you are looking for beauty, solitude, and a deeper meaning for yourself. Francine
By Francine R for Awakening the Soul~ THAILAND Yoga & Wellness Retreat on Dec 01, 2023
I enjoyed engaging in so many activities, including yoga, chi kong, and breathwork, and swimming which were my favorites with competent and attentive hosts and lovely folks who chose to enjoy our retreat. Tammy and Alessia performed well with their presentations. The sleeping quarters were challenging as my room was abutting the wall of the dining area where folks liked to gather and gab. I had a long noisy walk to the toilet at night which was difficult and someone was snoring above or behind me and unfortunately my ear plugs did work so I slept very little the first night. The food was cooked and prepared with good intention but I question the quality of some of the ingredients of some dishes and I thought there was not a lot of nutritional benefit knowing what I know about food. I did suggest to staff that they ditch the soymilk as it. has a poor reputation if not organic. I am on a Keto diet so the food was not so. appealing to me.
By John Michael S for Awakening the Soul~ THAILAND Yoga & Wellness Retreat on Nov 24, 2023