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AO Funds
AO Funds
New York, NY, USA
20 Sep, 2020


This was the trip of a lifetime! Jason Goldman and Phil Torres are experts in their fields including science, photography, and journalism. They made themselves available to us at all times and often dropped what they were doing to answer questions or address issues. There was a wide range of activities to keep us busy at nearly all hours of the day. Note that viewing wildlife was limited to observing and photographing, rather than hands-on research like I expected with the macaws. However, I saw more wildlife in quantity in quality than I ever have in one week, which made this trip worth every penny—plus we got the bonus of free pics of ourselves in the jungle taken by pro photogs who’ve had work in Nat Geo! I expected to be hot in the lodges without air conditioning but was surprised there were no fans at least for overnight. I want to mention that, given the potential danger in all 3 dimensions at all times in the jungle, I felt as safe as possible with our guides and other staff. I have felt more unsafe on trips to safer locales with reckless guides and staff in those places. I would love to go with Phil and Jason to Madagascar if that becomes an available trip!
By Wendy S for Expedition Amazon on 11 Mar, 2019
This is a trip we have wanted to take for years, but we could not figure out the logistics of it all. We were so excited to see Atlas Obscura offer this trip and signed up within a couple of hours of it being offered. Seeing these Monarch Migration sites in Mexico was really special. Millions of Monarchs make this amazingly long journey and there they were for us to observe. WOW - really amazing and difficult to describe. This was the first trip that AO took to the migration sites, so a couple glitches that I know they will work out for the next group to enjoy. Last, my wife and I were celebrating out 5th wedding anniversary on this trip and AO surprised us with some beautiful roses & champagne in our room on the first night - nice touch! Thank you!
By Vicki K for Mexico’s Great Monarch Butterfly Migration February 24–28 on 05 Mar, 2019
Breathtaking. This trip provided a unique opportunity to experience one of the natural wonders of the world in a safe, friendly environment wth expert and passionate guides. Overall a “can’t miss” experience
By Crystal D for Mexico’s Great Monarch Butterfly Migration February 24–28 on 02 Mar, 2019