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This trip helped me to slow down and develop a better appreciation for nature and what it means to feel connected. I would recommend this to anyone seeking a healing, nourishing and positive new experience in their life.
By Hana Klimek for 2022 SURF RETREAT: AUGUST 26-29 on Sep 08, 2022
Thanks, Hana for your kind words and recommendation.
By Temenos Rising on Sep 11, 2022
I had an amazing time! The weather was great, the food was delicious and fueling, the forest activities helped me slow down and the surfing was exhilarating and exhausting in a good way. I appreciated how supportive and encouraging staff was.
By Jenna Cook for 2022 SURF RETREAT: AUGUST 26-29 on Aug 31, 2022
So lovely to have you join us again, Jenna. Thank you for the kind review.
By Temenos Rising on Sep 11, 2022
One of the most nourishing, peaceful, reflective, and connected weekends I’ve had in years. I couldn’t have asked for anything more. I am so thankful for the wisdom of the teachers, the delicious food, and the opportunity to practice being vulnerable, to slow down , and to connect with the land.
By Stefanie Reiter for Nourishing Wholeness: Earth Connection, Mindfulness & Movement on Jul 15, 2021


A simple, yet deeply evoking weekend spent on the Retreat to Reconnect. The food was excellent, the lodging comfortable, the grounds delightful and elegant, and the company amazing and insightful. What a beautiful gift.
By Kat S on 17 Dec, 2019