The event was the right balance of education and play. The hosts were informative and engaged the audience with questions and learning opportunities. All in the backdrop of a sensual space, setting the tone for a safe and respectful environment for all guests, regardless of experience level. My experience with Pleasure Play was delightful and eye-opening. I look forward to attending future events.
By Ashlley T for Pleasure Play on Nov 10, 2023
We had a great time. Wonderful people, delicious food and comfortable accommodation. Thank you for this fantastic experience!
By Duane J for Pleasure Play on Oct 02, 2023
This retreat was unlike anything I’ve ever experienced. There was a great balance between activity and rest. The accommodations and atmosphere were lovely. The food was delicious, and the energy was everything I needed. I definitely recommend this for anyone who needs to get spiritually or energetically aligned. I have felt renewed since this experience and the ripple effects are papable in my day to day.
By Selena G for Diosa De Luz Retreat on Mar 09, 2023