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Mexico City
Mexico City
Mexico City, CDMX, Mexico
06 Feb, 2023
Jewish life along the Danube River
Jewish life along the Danube River
Vienna - Bratislava - Budapest - Subotica -Novi Sad - Belgrade
30 May, 2023


This was an awesome trip! Ariel was a superb organizer and secondary guide. Jacobo ws our Mexico City guide and we couldn't have asked for a better one!
By Ed C for Mexico City on Feb 23, 2023
Pyramids. Cathedrals. Historic synagogues. Stunning ancient artifacts. Colorful folk art. Mole and mescal in a huge underground grotto. Dancing to real mariachis on bright-colored boats as we floated down a canal surrounded by happy people and greenery. We had a wide variety of adventures and experiences in one of the most fascinating cities in the world, and all in the comfort of a well-appointed bus and in spite of dense Mexico City traffic. The trip was well balanced in terms of exposure to both specifically Jewish points of interest and more general tourist attractions. We had visited Mexico City before and were surprised and pleased with both the access to the Jewish community-- private religious schools, synagogues and community centers, as well as the quality of most of the guides who were able to give us interesting information about everything we were seeing, including things my husband and I had seen before. The chosen restaurants were good in terms of both food and ambience. The hotel was suitable with comfortable beds and attentive staff. The tour guides were also attentive to individual needs as they came up. But probably my favorite thing was the tour attendees themselves-- educated, intellectually curious, pleasant people eager to enjoy life and each other. One of my favorite trips of all time.
By Tamis R for Mexico City on Feb 22, 2023
First off, my wife Jori, is offended that this review request only went out to me. That said, we enjoyed trip and found the hotel great with nice room with view of city; and decent breakfasts. Polanco as a hotel location was not as desirable or charming for us as being around the central plaza area or on Paseo de la Reforma near the Diana the Huntress Fountain. Tours of Jewish school and synagogues were interesting as were tours to Frida Kahlo Museum, Museum Nacional de Antropologia, Museo Soumaya and Teotihuacan. A positive was that at group meals we were allowed to order off the menu including drinks.
By Richard C for Mexico City on Feb 19, 2023