Amazing! Such an incredible experience. The country house was exquisite. The food was phenomenal and the people were thoughtful and generous. We met lovely retreat participants from all over the US who were just wonderful to spend time with - we made friendships that will carry on- a gift that keeps giving. And then of course there’s Melissa and Tra - they put so much thought into this experience, you could tell it was put together with inspired intention. It was so enjoyable. We will definitely be booking the next one!
By Stacey T for Sea to See: A Yoga Journey In Portugal on Nov 07, 2023
Flow Yoga retreats are wonderful! The accommodations are always upscale and very comfortable. Tra and Melissa are so accommodating and always plan amazing excursions! You come to the retreat as a guest and leave as part of the Flow family. We were offered several styles of yoga classes twice daily along with additional meditation classes. Melissa and Tra really compliment each other and are a great team.
By Claudia J for Sea to See: A Yoga Journey In Portugal on Oct 24, 2023
Great retreat!Great people! Can’t wait till next time! The staff at Quinta were wonderful, especially Tania!
By Dorene A J for Sea to See: A Yoga Journey In Portugal on Oct 23, 2023
Thanks so much for your review, Dori. We loved having you on retreat with us in Portugal!
By Melissa Katz on Oct 24, 2023