Featured Trips

Marrakesh, Morocco
06 Mar, 2024
Santorini, Greece
Santorini, Greece
Oia 847 02, Greece
21 Apr, 2024
Experience Bali
Experience Bali
Bali, Indonesia
08 May, 2024

Past Trips

Zion February 2023
Zion February 2023
Zion National Park
16 Feb, 2023


Katy made everything so easy! This trip was life changing. From the fantastic accommodations to the fun excursions, my vacation flowed effortlessly without me lifting a finger. I never would have been able to plan this on my own. If you are on the fence I highly recommend booking with Travel More Katy, you won’t regret it! Her experience and guidance made it memorable and so fun! I would t have been able to do this without her!
By Sarah K for Marrakesh April 2023 on May 07, 2023


Travel More Katy has given me the confidence, opportunity and empowerment to step out of my bubble and begin to explore the world!!! As a mother of three who always wanted to travel out of the country but was too scared or thought it was never the right time, Katy has put my mind at ease and guided me every step of the way. Her planning and execution of these trips is top notch and leaves you eagerly awaiting the next trip drop!!! I have now traveled to Amsterdam, London, Paris, Morocco and can’t wait for the next one. The friendships and memories made on these trips are priceless!! Please don’t wait or hesitate to book that next trip with Travel More Katy and start making your own travel memories.
By Valerie N on 02 Oct, 2023
This lady loves to travel. She has opened up my world and taken me places I have never been or dreamt I would go. I went to Amsterdam,Hawaii, England twice, Iceland and Greece. All places I had only seen in movies or on tv. Each trip has been well planned out and some great memories and friends were made along the way. If you would like to expand your world but, just aren’t sure how to do it, TravelMoreKaty is the place to start. I’m already looking forward to a trip to Germany with her in December.❤️
By Barb R on 24 Sep, 2023
I Travel with Katy to Morocco!! Everything went perfect the airb@b was amazing and everything we did was exciting and lovely. If you get a chance travel with Katy!! :)
By Sandra W on 22 Sep, 2023