This trip was beyond my expectations! Ron and Eli were exceptional guides. Great communicators, so much knowledge about Israel and the holy land and so compassionate. Elana is a native of Israel and taught us some fun Israel dances. She brought so much love, personal insight and compassion to this tour. The trip was well planned and the hotels we stayed at were very good. I came back with a new respect for Israel and the people. I highly recommend touring Israel with Ron and Elana and Eli, local Messianic believers who provided a unique and personal perspective. Thank you Ron, Elana and Eli for making this tour a life time experience, a journey I will never forgot. I pray I will have the opportunity to tour Israel again with the three of you. Shalom
By Jacqueline V for March 3-10 2023 ISRAEL TOUR w/ Ron & Elana Cantor on Mar 20, 2023
Trip of a lifetime! We enjoyed everyday with our group. Fun filled, packed with tons of information. We visited many biblical sites that Ron & Eli were fully knowledgeable of. Thank you to Ron, Elena & Eli for a memorable tour. The taste of Israel is amazing.
By Carolyn D for March 3-10 2023 ISRAEL TOUR w/ Ron & Elana Cantor on Mar 19, 2023
This tour was eye-opening for us! We learned so much about Israel, the land, history and people. Ron and Elana are such wonderful guides and intentional about helping people connect with the Promised Land through God's word. Amazing food, amazing sights and incredible people! Definitely want to come back again!
By Laura S for March 3-10 2023 ISRAEL TOUR w/ Ron & Elana Cantor on Mar 17, 2023


I wish to show my love with Israel to shared my faith with them and all my soul
By Phar Kuach P on 23 Dec, 2021