Past Trips


This was a trip most enjoyable. Meeting new people enjoying all the activities put into place on a daily basis. Looking forward to the next trip. Hats off to Veronica Johnson. An awesome tour guide.
By Paulette M for GET READY DUBAI 2023 on 28 Mar, 2023
I enjoyed myself and would travel to Mexico again however I'd stay in a more touristy area like Cancun or Cozumel. I'd keep the same group. 1. The shuttle service from the airport to the resort upon arrival was nowhere near as good/safe as the service from the resort to the hotel. Actually it was the polar opposite. It may be coincidence but the only difference is the agent was on the same return home ride as the group. My issues are resort issues: 2. Some additional resort costs were not shared in advance. I'm sure the travel agent was not aware so this is a resort issue. We were charged $8 for taxes ($2/day) and 1 cent internet charge. Its not a lot of money. Its just the principle. And then, not everyone was charged...which was strange. 3 . The resort was ok. I have to remind myself we were not in the US and we were in the jungle. It was challenging trying to control the temperature in the room. It was freezing some nights and humid others but we never touched the thermostat. It definitely needs some modenization but, again, this is not the US so I'm mindful of that 4. I wouldve preferred more traditional food options. I feel like I ate a lot of wings and french fries which I can eat at home. I had to leave the resort to get more traditional foods at an additional cost. 5. The beach was so small, it wasnt worth it to me and you couldnt safely touch the ocean because of the rocks and raccoons. 6. Bedbugs and mice.... enough said 7. Entertainment options were limited. I thought we would have a little more. What I liked was the intimacy. It seemed we were almost the only guests there so we were able to get individual attention from a few of staff members there.
By Danielle P for 40th Birthday Celebration (Remix) on 02 Feb, 2023
We had a great time, wonderful people delicious food comfortable accommodation awesome trip. Thank you 😊
By Calvin M for This Baby Turning “65” on 19 Jan, 2023