Past Trips


The trip was once in a lifetime! Our hosts were awesome and we had an amazing time.
By Kelly B for Official Blue Jackets-NHL Global Series(TM) Fan Tour (Premium) on 28 Feb, 2023
The country of Finland was awesome. The Finnish guides were very helpful and friendly. Communication prior to the trip could have been better on the part of Mr. Hanlon. He treated us as if we were world travelers and should already know about some of the things about which we asked questions. I was not the only person on the trip who found Mr. Hanlon to be "snippy". I guess he expected us to find out the answers on our own via Google. Other than that, I loved the trip.
By Sandra H for Official Blue Jackets-NHL Global Series(TM) Fan Tour (Premium) on 17 Nov, 2022
Thanks for your review and honest feedback. At no time, do we expect group members to all be world travelers. In fact, that is exactly why we send multiple group emails or messages on varied subjects ranging from bed types, passport info, group flights, currency, adaptors, restaurants, covid requirements, hotel room size etc. However, in order to improve our service moving forward, we have taken note of your "snippy" comment. With over 400 travelers in October, the popularity of our tours was at certain times, our own worst enemy and we hope to make our "staff to tour member ratio" more reasonable & practical for future tours so Management staff is not spread too thin answering Customer Service questions. Thanks again and we are happy you enjoyed your tour as this is the most important aspect!
By Victory Travel & Events on 17 Nov, 2022
The trip was fantastic...Thank you to James and his team on organizing the event...I know it's not easy. A big thank you to the guides in Sweden and Finland...they made the trip extra special. I hope another trip for the CBJ faithful could happen over the next couple of years!
By Keith S for Official Blue Jackets-NHL Global Series(TM) Fan Tour (Premium Plus) on 17 Nov, 2022