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Retreat, Renew & Re-Emerge 2024
Retreat, Renew & Re-Emerge 2024
House of Aia, Palmaia Playa del Carmen, Quintana Roo, Mexico
31 Jan, 2024


It was a nourishing experience on all levels (mind, body and soul). I very much enjoyed having the option to do communal activities as well as have individual downtime if that’s what I felt on that day. I also learned a lot from resort-based offerings, as well as had an opportunity to get to know some of my retreat buddies in a way that will probably bond us for the rest of our lives 🌞.
By Melissa L for Monarch x Wander Mexico Retreat on May 17, 2023
The resort was fabulous. I would definitely recommend going and would like to return. The daily class schedule was great and the beach lounging area was also great. Gym too. Thanks
By Laura S for Monarch x Wander Mexico Retreat on May 15, 2023
This retreat provided everything (and more) to feed/energize my body and soul (they felt as one by trip's end). This experience integrated all cornerstones that can create unity and harmony within us. Logistically, the programming was seamless and allowed for time for self discovery/spa time while still keeping the band together. I felt very well taken care of which was a gift within itself. The ocean front property was luxury inside of a lush rainforest. The staff was extremely attentive and made us feel part of their family. There were also a variety of workshops, experiences available to enhance the goodness happening. On that note, equally special(and fun!) was having the opportunity to make new connections, share this experience with my fellow retreat buddies (new friends).
By Melissa L for Retreat, Renew & Re-Emerge on Jan 25, 2023