An expertly curated retreat! There was balance between structured and free time., movement and relaxation, and opportunities to connect with others as well as self reflect. I stepped out of my comfort zone and learned new things. The magnificent, natural backdrop of the property provided an ideal aesthetic .. .. one in which you couldn’t help but suspend the stresses that you left at home….drop in. The hotel staff was welcoming and responsive. The appointed accommodations could best be described as “boho chic”.. in other words perfection:)
By Melissa L for Spirit of Sedona - Sacred Alignment on Oct 07, 2023
It was a nourishing experience on all levels (mind, body and soul). I very much enjoyed having the option to do communal activities as well as have individual downtime if that’s what I felt on that day. I also learned a lot from resort-based offerings, as well as had an opportunity to get to know some of my retreat buddies in a way that will probably bond us for the rest of our lives 🌞.
By Melissa L for Monarch x Wander Mexico Retreat on May 17, 2023
The resort was fabulous. I would definitely recommend going and would like to return. The daily class schedule was great and the beach lounging area was also great. Gym too. Thanks
By Laura S for Monarch x Wander Mexico Retreat on May 15, 2023