It was an amazing experience for both the parents and players. I think it was well worth the money in term of my son water polo training. There were two sessions of training a day, which was great. I was worry initially when I sign up for this trip because I had a bad experience 2 years prior when we went to Croatia water polo trip, set up by another company. It was more sight seeing than it was extra training for my son, which is more important for me at that time. 2 hours of Training in the morning and scrimmage at night was great experience in Spain. I think it could be better if scrimmage was in the morning and 2 hours of training at night may be better but it could be difficult for the Spain players to play in the morning due to school. In all, water polo experience was excellent for players water polo training if that is what you parents are signing up for your son. It is tiring but well worth it. The parents and players have time to sight see too everyday. I am really not into that but if you are, there were activities everyday. People in spain eat late like 930pm to 1130pm which was hard for me since I am use to eating diner at 6 to 7 pm. It was only for ten days so I survived. Hotel for the parents was great to me. It had everything I need but if you are used to 5 stars and large room then not. It was a 4 stars but I really like it. It clean and accommodating and staffs were nice. Pere, the Spain host was the best. He try to get you what you need if you ask him early enough. He is usually around if you look but Stephen, the American host is always there. I would do this again in a heart beat. I wish they have a program where I can send my son there for 1 month or longer where he can train and play with the Spain team. Water polo in America is lightweight compared to how they play in Europe. Hope this help people decide. I am a critical reviewer, so if you want water polo training and sightseeing, this is the trip. It will be tiring for the players but they can sit out of scrimmage if they want to due to be tired. No one forces you to do anything you don’t want to. Thank you so much, Pere and Stephen for the experience. Reach out to me if you have a program in the summer where I can sent my son for the summer to get extra training and maybe be part of the team we scrimmage on this trip.
By Nhung N for Del Mar Barcelona Spring Break '24 - Water Polo Experience on Apr 21, 2024
My son had a great time. Master classes, coaches and pro players were awesome. He learned a lot of new skills bc game in Europe is very different and way more intense. Barcelona is a fantastic city, walking tours were highlight for me as parent. Hotel and Hostel were in good location too.
By Andrea W for Stanford WP Barcelona Spring Break '24 on Apr 20, 2024
The kids learned a great deal and Barcelona was an amazing city! Some disorganization.
By Judi S for Cardinal Newman Spring Break - Parents RSVP's on Apr 16, 2024


Both of my kids (14g and 15b) attended the Thanksgiving "Waterpolo Experience" waterpolo camp Pere, Steve and Xavi were fantastic. The training really opened up my kids eyes to new ideas and techniques and ways to do waterpolo. They had fun and learned a lot. We're on board for more.
By John R on 29 Nov, 2023