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Lake Atitlan, Guatemala
09 Jan, 2023

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This was my first ceremony with kambo and I couldn't have been more blessed to have had it facilitated by Alasdair and Kelly with The Wild Within. This experience came on the heels of a community retreat held by The Wild Within in Catawissa, PA, which had me deep within my heart and ready for the medicine of Kambo. Little did I know literally nothing I could've done would've prepared me for what was to come. I mean, they did a phenomenal job of preparing us and setting us up with all the information we needed as to how it would be administered, what the process would look like, gave us sananga and hapè, peppered us with all the smiles and joyful hope we could take, but still!!! Lol I even had the benefit of going last and watching my brave companions go through their 1st go. 😄 Shout out Matt and Lindsey! Anywho, Test point down and I was feeling alright. A slight pressure in the ears and a buzz radiating from the top of my head. Shortly after the rest of the points were administered though, things amped up. Like a lot! We're talking zero to 100 real quick. I became a wet, shivering sponge that felt like someone was trying to squeeze dry. Body temperature swinging on a pendulum between hot and cold every few seconds, head pressure and dizziness leading to a difficult purge, it hit me like a ton of bricks and I had to lay it down for a good portion of it to keep all composure I thought to bring with me. Lots of muffled expletives slowly wafting from the throat into ceremony space. Lots. Throughout this difficult first experience though, I felt a sense of calm and well-being from the space that Kelly and Alasdair held so immaculately for me. Never once did they waver in their duty to sit with me through the difficulties. There to assist in my every need and offer all the assurances of my efforts and the medicines efficacy. Twas absolutely beautifully done. About 20 minutes in we started the cool down. At the end I was shaky, but sturdy. Excited to return to baseline. Haha thankfully that was right around the corner as we were treated to a bevy of snacks which were clutch in that moment. We sat in sharing circle and bid everyone a job well done and prepared ourselves for the days to come. The next 2 sits were more of the same with the exception of the familiarity I had and tenacity in which i was able to sit with the medicine, definitely owed to the guidance of my gigantic hearted facilitators. In awe of the magic and medicine they hold. All in all, It's like that feeling that you get when you overcome something hard with sheer grit and determination. It fills you with an integrity that comes from those tangles. I'm eternally grateful for whatever divine process in play that brought these amazing humans along my path. It's been so synchronistic and important to me for my healing journey. I'm ecstatic to see how things continue to unfold, both in my integration from Kambo, and for the future of The Wild Within. Just, Thank You 🙏🏽 Thank you a thousand!!!
By Luke S for Kambo in Pennsylvania on 15 Nov, 2022
Wild Convergence was my third experience with Wild Within and I will keep coming back for more. They always find truly unique, gorgeous places in the world to bring us together. We were given so much space to share with each other and our own time to simply drink in the magic of the land. I am so grateful to have found this community of generous, accepting, and creative souls. Thank you Alasdair, Kelly, Julie-Roxanne and Lou for giving “the golden girls” another heart-warming memory as sisters to hold forever.
By Susanne G for Wild Convergence: Catawissa Creek on 30 Oct, 2022
The farm was beautifully picturesque and everything about it captured my heart and soul immediately. Anne & David were extremely generous and gracious hosts. The Wild Within crew facilitated another perfect getaway. They held beautiful ceremony spaces & activities while Chef Julie-Roxanne nourished us with her amazing food. One of my favorite things about the farm was being able to wake up and walk through the field of flowers every day. Having time, that I usually don’t get, to peruse natures beauty in this way is priceless. The entire experience allowed me time and space to reconnect with nature, myself and dear friends. Wild Within has forever changed me and I look forward to every chance to reconnect with this community.
By Anne N for Wild Convergence: Catawissa Creek on 27 Oct, 2022