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Italy's wellness getaway
Italy's wellness getaway
53027 Bagno Vignoni, Province of Siena, Italy
14 Apr, 2024

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Anima e Corpo
Anima e Corpo
Bergamo, Province of Bergamo, Italy
23 Jul, 2021
Challenge, Evolve, Become - con Veronica e Mattia
Challenge, Evolve, Become - con Veronica e Mattia
28010 Nebbiuno, Province of Novara, Italy
11 Sep, 2021


I recently had the pleasure of attending a retreat hosted by Elisa and Brooke Burke, and it was truly life-changing. I'm looking forward to attending another retreat in the near future! The entire retreat experience, from start to finish, was empowering, purposeful, and tailored perfectly to the group's needs.The connections I formed during the retreat were incredibly meaningful. I felt a strong sense of community and camaraderie with all the other participants. The retreat program itself was a fantastic mix of body sculpting, breathwork, and wellness workshops. I was pleasantly surprised by the depth of the workshops and how much I learned about myself through them. Each activity was carefully designed to promote physical, mental, and emotional well-being, and the peaceful natural surroundings only enhanced the overall tranquility of the retreat.I highly recommend attending a retreat with these wonderful ladies if you want to reconnect with yourself, deepen your personal growth journey, and build meaningful connections with like-minded individuals. Thank you so much for providing such an unforgettable experience—I am eagerly looking forward to returning!
By Bridgette H for LONGEVITY | Mind.Body.Energy. Build your own BB zone. on Apr 03, 2024
I had zero expectations leading up to this event. I knew I wanted to experience a mind body connection somewhere tropical and that’s what I got! I knew I wanted to have some new tools to take into this new year and break some old mindsets that have been holding me back, that’s what I got! I wanted to move my body differently and cut off distractions from the outside world, that’s what I got! I’ve never felt so aligned with my new intentions and supported as I worked through some of the old self limiting thoughts .The accommodations were beautifully rustic and the food was average, but that’s not why I went. I went to fine tune myself, my perspective and create new healthy habits, that’s exactly what I got and more! Bravo to everyone who helped set this new year on track for me. Ill be back, Ive already manifested it ;)
By Melanie A for BBBody&Soul | Longevity Retreat in Costa Rica on Jan 16, 2024
Disorganized & disappointing, There was nothing related to longevity about this retreat. Eating at a buffet meals a day isn’t a 5 star experience. Being left for an hour in the hot sun along the side of a river waiting for transportation isn’t a 5 star experience. Not knowing any details about the waterfall excursion when asked 2x is not a 5 star experience. Not having bug spray for your guests not a 5 star experience. Not knowing who’s actually going on your retreat NOT a 5 star experience. The resort running out of towels not a 5 star experience. Over promises and undelivered
By Cali L for BBBody&Soul | Longevity Retreat in Costa Rica on Jan 14, 2024
Hello Carol, we are very sorry that this is your idea of a fabulous retreat that got 5 stars and amazing reviews from every single person on this trip. Regarding the organization, we were fully supportive in each step of your booking. We reacted very fast when, only the day before you were traveling, you sent us your flight details and we realized you were landing in the wrong airport. We showed full support while you were traveling solo, we spent time with you and we offered you dinner, the day before the retreat started. We treated you with compassion and support. The meals offered at buffet style were listed in the original contract, and the food was beyond amazing, offering a variety of fruits, vegetables and different form of proteins, at each meal. The waterfall hike was a very simple hike, we waited for transportation as part of the excursion, there was shade, and fresh fruits offered to everyone. We are sorry that this is your perception of the whole experience and we are quite surprised about your review. Hopefully, you learnt that there is no secret to longevity, but longevity is sisterhood, community, and how you perceive life.
By Yogando Retreats on Jan 14, 2024