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Our Business Model


WeTravel Platform

- WeTravel is a management platform for trip organizers which is currently completely free. Organizers do not pay a fee to use the platform or collect payments.

- Participants who join a trip also use WeTravel completely for free, as long as they pay for their trip with a US checking account. Participants can choose to pay by credit card during checkout. The credit card fees are paid by the participants.


WeTravel Marketplace

- Group Travel Organizers that wish to promote their trip on our marketplace can create a beautiful, SEO friendly listing completely for free.

- You could find additional participants by listing on WeTravel. Starting on January 1, 2017, we charge a service fee of 10% for every successful booking that originated from WeTravel. This fee applies whether the participants pays you directly or on WeTravel. There are no hidden fees or credit card charges.

- Any participants that book on WeTravel thanks to your own marketing efforts are not subject to the service fee, even if your trip is listed on our marketplace.