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Our Business Model


WeTravel is a free platform for group trip organizers. Organizers do not pay a fee to use the platform or collect payments.

Travelers who join a trip also use WeTravel for free, as long as they pay for their trip with a US checking account. If a traveler chooses to pay with a credit card or if the trip is in a foreign currency, a 2.9% transaction fee is incurred which is set by the credit card companies. This transaction fee is paid by the traveler and added to the price of the trip at checkout.


So how does WeTravel make money if the service is free?

WeTravel makes money through affiliate bookings. After joining a trip, travelers have a choice to purchase insurance, flights and other travel amenities through WeTravel. These purchases are optional. We never spam our users to persuade them into optional purchases, and we don’t resell user data.

WeTravel also recommends local tour agencies to trip organizers. We have a great network of custom tour operators on the ground that often offer superior service at a competitive price point since we’ve cut out the middlemen. These recommendations are optional, since most WeTravel trip organizers plan independently and use our platform for the convenience of managing the trip and collecting payments.

In the long-term, WeTravel’s user traffic will drive more business to organizers who wish to feature their trips on WeTravel. At that point, e.g. if WeTravel runs promotional campaigns for organizers, we may charge a commission for bringing additional customers to organizers. However, as long as organizers do their own marketing, or if WeTravel is used for private trips, our platform will remain free.