8 Photos that Prove Why Roatan, Honduras is the Next Trending Top Destination

January 14, 2016
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You know those pictures in your computer that can be your next desktop wallpaper? You’ve seen them: a little hut sitting in the middle of crystal clear, light blue ocean water under a beaming sun and bright sky.

Just looking at these tropical scenes makes you feel transported to a luxurious getaway, far away from the responsibilities piling up on your desk. Now imagine actually going there. Transport yourself onto a rope swing with your feet dipped in the warm, ocean water underneath you.

Wetravel has met a travel blogger that is currently living in a place that can provide a never ending slideshow of desktop wallpapers.

Meet the travel blogger that proves why Roatan, Honduras is the next trending top destination.

Roatan Honduras
Travel with Vee and visit Roatan Honduras

Vera Chaplin, the woman behind Travel with Vee, showcases stunning photography of one exotic place after another. After 14 years in charming Santa Barbara, California, restless Vera was ready to get out and do something new. Right now, she’s living the tropical dream in Roatan, Honduras.

Roatan Honduras
Photo courtesy of Travel With Vee

Vera makes it easy to see why everyone will vote Roatan as their top destination pick for their next trip. While it’s chilly everywhere else right now, it’s a nice 80-degree sunny day out there.

Roatan Honduras
Photo courtesy of Travel With Vee

By day, Vera works as the Social Media Consultant at the Club Natalie Bay Villas where most of her photography is done.

It’s given her the opportunity to live in this gorgeous place and ignited her passion for future destinations. “Being down here really makes me understand that behind all the beauty there is poverty, but that doesn’t really stop people from being happy and living their life… it really puts things into perspective of how privileged we are to live in the States.”

Roatan Honduras
Club Natale Bay Villas Resort in Roatan, Honduras. Photo courtesy of Travel With Vee.

Visit Roatan for a real, authentic experience

Vera says don’t expect Roatan to be a place like Cazamel, Cabo or the Grand Caymans. Similar to what I said in my post about Cuba, you should visit Roatan to see it before it is transformed beyond recognition by tourism.

“Roatan is largely undiscovered by the international travel community, and because of that, it’s less developed than more well-known destinations. That is changing quickly, but Roatan is still relatively raw and rough around the edges when it comes to infrastructure. Really, that’s what gives the island it’s charm and character though. You’d be hard pressed to find a more authentic Caribbean experience, and it’s still cheap!”

Be completely free to play in the clear water in Roatan, Honduras.

Trippy users are saying that the number one thing you must do in Roatan is go snorkeling. On Vera’s blog she states, “Snorkeling in Pigeon Cay is not only going to blow your mind but also make you wish you’d never had to leave.”

Darling it’s better…?????

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Vera’s tips for when you visit

Currency: “Speaking of money, dollars are fine to bring as most, if not all vendors and stores, accept them. Just don’t expect anyone to break anything bigger than a $50 bill though.”

Where to stay: “It’s important to do your research when it comes to your accommodations. It all depends on what kind of experience you’re looking for. If you want family orientated and touristy, stay at West Bay. If you want nightlife and diving, stay at West End. Everything you need to know is on the internet so do your homework!

Roatan Honduras
Photo courtesy of Travel With Vee

Our resort in particular is very private, very quiet, and pretty far removed from the touristy areas. It’s pretty amazing to be able to walk around the property and see wild flora and fauna and hang out at your own private beach.”

Food: “Eat as much fish as possible!! Best seafood on the planet.”

Roatan Honduras
Photo Courtesy of Travel With Vee

How would you compare Roatan to your old home of Santa Barbara?

“Night and day. It’d actually be hard to come up with a way that life in Roatan is similar to Santa Barbara. Different food, different people, different services and just a completely different mentality in general. People in Roatan really do live on island time and have a completely different set of priorities. It’s sounds cliche but people are genuinely happy with a roof over their head, food on their plate and a cold Salva Vida (local Honduran beer) in their hand.”

Where will Travel with Vee go next?

“I am not sure yet, I want to make my way down to Nicaragua, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil or even Costa Rica! I just need to save a little more before my next trip.”

Roatan Honduras
Photo courtesy of Travel With Vee

For now, Roatan, Honduras should keep her travel yearnings at bay. Follow Vera and her traveling photography on Instagram or Travel with Vee.

Wetravel would like to give a big thanks to Vera for sharing her photos and traveling tips with our readers. If you would like trip organizing help visit some of our upcoming trips.

With any luck, perhaps she or a local guide can take some of the work out of the trip planning for us and host a group trip to Roatan, Honduras right here on our platform. Best of luck to you, Vera, and may you continue to see the world.