6 Ways Group Travel Teaches You to Travel

July 5, 2016
Taylor Lorenz
5 min read
group travel teaches

Group travel teaches you how to travel? But isn’t it just following a tour guide around, looking at the most touristy sites in a city that you spend a short two days or less in? That’s what most people think, and many will argue that’s what all tours are like. However, that’s most certainly not the case.

Group travel is a great starting off point for anyone who wants to travel solo, with friends or continuing to travel as a part of a group. There’s nothing wrong with any form of Travel you choose, but group travel can provide a relaxed, easier way of travel for beginners.

group travel teaches

6 Ways Group Travel Teaches You To Travel

1. Group Travel Teaches You What’s Realistic

For those who haven’t done a large journey before, it’s easy to become excited and want to do too much in too short of a time frame. Group travel often goes at a quick pace, but it doesn’t rush things and make them unenjoyable. You’ll learn the pace of travel that you like and what works best for you. And by the end of your trip you’ll know enough to have a good idea of how to create a trip for yourself in the future.

group travel teaches

2. Group Travel Teaches You How to be Social in a Travel Setting

When you travel, it’s completely different from real life . People are more friendly, you get closer quicker, and you talk to complete strangers on a daily basis, whether they’re on your tour or a local. Being on a group tour really forces you to get social, and quickly. But it acts as a benchmark that makes you more comfortable talking to strangers than if you were to just go solo for the first time. You’ll be asked “Where are you from?” and “Where are you going next?” Instead of “What do you do for work?” or “Are you seeing someone?” You’ll get in the habit of asking those questions too and learn the world of travel lingo.

group travel teaches

3. Group Travel Teaches You More About You

If you think that you won’t learn anything about yourself on a group tour, you’re completely wrong. From the people in your group you’ll learn what personalities work best for you. Trust me when I say that you will learn very quickly who the best people to bunk with are, sit next to on the bus or spend an afternoon exploring a new city with. The more you know about yourself the easier travel will be.

group travel teaches

4. Group Travel Teaches You More About Each Destination

When you’re not on a group tour it’s so easy to walk past charming little shops and beautiful buildings, strange looking art pieces, or monuments without really knowing what they are. Most people don’t spend the time researching small, fun little tidbits of information about a destination before they go. And rarely do they stumble across these facts while they’re traveling, as many things aren’t always obvious or are only known by the locals. There will always be someone in a group tour that knows so much information about places that you didn’t even know you wanted to know. Your guide or others in your group will open your eyes to a whole other side of the destination. Soon you’ll know what to look for or who to ask to learn more about each new place.

group travel teaches

5. Group Travel Teaches You Tips and Tricks

Sometimes you learn about handy tips and tricks the hard way (like getting something stolen), and sometimes you learn about them in an easy, worry-free kind of way. On group tours you’ll often be told what to look out for, like pickpockets. You’ll learn ways to avoid long lines at tourist attractions, or how to tell where the good restaurants are (it’s not always the busiest place!).

group travel teaches

6. Group Travel Teaches You How to Travel Smarter

From learning more about yourself and what your preferences are for travel you’ll become a smarter traveler. You’ll be able to observe others in your group and see what they’re doing wrong. You’ll learn more from your tour guide, often a seasoned traveler, of what to look out for, where to go, and many travel tips in general. You’ll develop as a traveler before you venture off elsewhere, more prepared and confident than before. With more time to focus on yourself, group travel lets you focus on you and your current destination. It lets you figure out what works best for you and gives you an idea as to what you need in a destination, a travel partner and more.

group travel teaches

Through group travel you’ll become a smarter traveler, but have an extra buffer of your newly made friends and guide behind you just in case anything goes wrong. From learning the best tips and tricks, exploring more in a destination, and meeting new people, group travel is the perfect way to start your traveling journey. There is a group tour out there for everyone, short or long, far or close by. Each will leave you more knowledgeable of yourself, the destinations, and travel in general. Whether it be a food tour in your own hometown, a month long journey across Europe, or a bike tour in a big city, group tours are full of interesting people that will help you discover the world and learn from it too.

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