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This trip was rejuvenating and relaxing. Beautiful space, wonderful food and people. Thank you!
Such a calming, restorative retreat in a tranquil wooded setting. As my first ever yoga retreat, I am really glad I took the time to do this - there was a great mix of yoga practices, wonderful food, kind and interesting women, beautiful nature in wonderfully comfortable accommodations, and great food!
Absolutely amazing! I made friends, relaxed in a peaceful nature setting, connected with myself and my inner yogi and ate great too! Worth it and will definitely come back!
If you're looking for a life changing experience, you've found it! Every woman deserves a retreat like this. The location is peaceful and the accommodations are unique and super comfortable. The owners are great and took very good care of us. Autumn and Toni made this retreat a one-of-kind experience. I left wanting to book my next one and it helped expand my yoga practice. I've enjoyed daily time on my mat ever since. I'm so grateful for the experience and I'm looking forward to my next adventure!
I had an amazing time at the Back to Nature Retreat! The yoga was great and I even learned a few new things about the practice. The food was awesome, I even tried a new dish, and always got seconds! My Tipi was the Crazy Horse one and it was so beautiful to have natural sunlight, and a nice comfy bed to glamp in! If you have any hesitation about yoga retreats you will most likely be around good company at this one! Thank you Autumn and Toni for holding space for all of us
Amazing program!! Absolutely love Autumn Adams and Rachel Wilkins as teachers
The best experience in my life. Autumn and Toni are both lovely teachers. They are both such wonderful, inspiring, powerful woman, full of knowledge and wisdom with a welcoming heart. I felt like home from the first second on and i couldnt have wished for better teachers. Both have so much knowledge in every aspect of yoga and both have beautiful souls. I am so inspired by both of them and so grateful to have met them. The yoga teacher training was one of the best experiences in my life and I am so happy to have chosen it. Autumn and Toni were so empowering and gave us courage on our beginning journey. We learned so much and the training was so well structured and also fun. It was not only practice and not just studying, it was learning for life, it was yoga as a whole. A journey through the body, mind and soul and i got the tool and training to grow and shine and also to teach & inspire others. We went outside whenever we could, got to know the community and shared, laughed and studied together. I am so grateful for the connections i have made with Autumn and Toni and the other students. So many inspiring and lovely people and such an empowering experience. I have never felt better. Something i will remember and be grateful for all my life. Lots of love and thank you so much.
The combo of Mtn and Beach was perfect! The resorts staff were all gracious and wonderful. All was fantastic! Autumn's yoga classes were so great and loved how they were matched with the Chakras. Very highly recommend!!
i recently had the good fortune to attend the back to nature yoga retreat in nicaragua with autumn adams. the experience was exceptional from beginning to end. the teachings, the venues, the food, the management of logistics, and the spirits of all of the participating yogis exceeded all of my expectations. this retreat is a spiritual luxury wrapped in an authentic and extremely well priced package. i would not hesitate to recommend this - or any of autumn's retreats - to anyone. i am personally looking forward to going on another one in the future!