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Bonaire: Shore Diving Paradise
Bonaire: Shore Diving Paradise
Kralendijk, Caribbean Netherlands
25 May, 19


Had a great time with the crew from Blue Planet. Marin is the best! While the Hilton hotel (Resort,what a crock)was in a great location, the price they charged for breakfast is outrageous! 23 bucks what a rip off! Really ticked me off!!! Majority of the dive shop personal were very helpful,professional. Capt Scott a true professional in his briefings and handling the boat! Didn’t like how one dive guide was inattentive and basically lost the group, claiming we were “ ahead of her” . Overall Marin and the rest of the folks from Blue Planet made me feel right at home,
This was our first trip with Blue Planet, and we made a decision to join them any time we plan a dive trip. Everything was planned the best possible way and everyone was included the whole time. Both Josh and Michael are just amazing!!! We had the best dive experience !!! Thank you!
Another amazing trip with Blue Planet! Thanks so much to Marin for being an awesome trip leader. Can’t wait to go on our next adventure with Blue Planet!
Comfortable accommodations. Responsive staff and an excellent scuba operation.
My second trip with Blue Planet and I must say it was incredible. I got to fit in all the diving I wanted to do, completed 4 classes, explored the island, and made so many new friends! I have so much fun with the Blue planet crew and I cant wait to experience my next adventure with them again!
Bonaire is a great location for diving, both by boat and uniquely for shore diving. There are more than 50 shore diving options. It is a true divers paradise with clear water, healthy coral, lots of fish and regular sightings of turtles, rays, eels, crustaceans, sea horse and more.. Blue Planet dive shop out of Washington, DC does an excellent job organizing the trip, making sure everyone is prepared and has a great time. This was my second time in two years and I hope to go next year too!
What an amazing trip! Heather, Jonas, and the rest of the Blue Planet Staff put together an AMAZING trip! The trip included 9 boat dives and unlimited shore diving; allowing divers to dive as much (21+ dives) or as little as they wanted! The boat dives and the crew were fantastic and made it a point to showcase Bonaire's amazing wildlife. We saw more than 50 turtles (ranging from little babies to massive adults), 20+ squid, 10+ eagle rays, 10+ stingrays, 4 + massive eels, crabs, lobster, and fish of all sizes and kinds! We even got to race our boat with a pod of 6 or 7 dolphins during one of our surface intervals. Blue Planet offered a wide variety of certification classes including Open Water, Advanced Open Water, Rescue Diver, and 5+ specialty classes (Peak Performance Buoyancy, Deep Diver, Underwater Navigator, Underwater Photography, etc.). Heather also went above and beyond by offering a fish ID class to everyone. And if you didn't want to take a class there plenty of fun diving. It was truly an amazing trip. From the instructors, the resort's onsite food options, the quality of the resort's dive shop, the boat dives, the unlimited shore diving, and the other trip participants- it was unforgettable and worth every penny.
This trip was amazing! The food was perfect and the people were so fun. The diving was the best! We saw 2 whale sharks, lots of shark including Hammerheads, and so many giant mantas! I love Socorro. Thanks to BluePlanetDC for an unforgettable dive trip.
Enjoyed every minute of it!
Great trip, very well-organized and great diving as well!
Fantastic Trip. Very impressed with Blue Planet leadership & itinerary. Good accommodations right on the water. Great group of people. Looking forward to booking my next dive trip with them in future!
Blue Planet is THE BEST at planning a fantastic trip! We stayed right on the water at an all-inclusive, so everything was at our fingertips. The diving was great, but it was a larger group (20) so the dive shop there wasn't always smooth with rental equipment. Food and room were very basic, not plush, but adequate and definitely a good value. 't
Had an amazing time in Socorro, the marine life didn't disappoint! The accommodations, food and service was superb! I love diving with the Blue Planet family, I'm always meeting new people and diving with previously fellow divers. Blue planet is an awesome dive shop and plans fantastic trips with great memories!
We had a great time. Poncho's food was great! Great weather, which we realize you have no control over. The dive masters brought great energy (Cory...i am talking about you!!!), knowledge, and were helpful when needed. Kudos to Blue Planet for assembling a great team for a great week of diving in a great place to make our vacation one we will brag about until alzheimer sets in.
Another awesome trip by Blue Planet! Thanks Heather and Jonas and the crew of the Valentina! My fourth live-aboard trip and best so far. Diving was great - especially whale sharks, mantas, dolphins, and pelagic fishes! Blue Planet group was fun and smart and interesting, as usual. I’m looking forward to next trip.
Great time and great accommodations. A beautiful location and view. The diving was great and super convenient. Under water was clear with lots of life. Coral looked to be in good condition and there is a great variety of formations.
We had a great time :). A marvelous break from cold and snow and a wonderful birthday trip for my beautiful daughter.
Outstanding trip, as always with Blue Planet Scuba . Great lodging, excellent dive operator, fantastic location and a fun group. A very satisfying long weekend vacation diving in warm, turquoise water with friends and lots of sunshine.
This was a fantastic trip! I joined as a new, uncertified diver, was able to get certified within the first 2 days, and the rest of the trip was a blast full of great experiences, great dives, amazing people, and of course good food and drinks. I caught the scuba bug on this trip and cant stop!
I had so much fun! What an incredible way to ring in the New Year with old and new friends. The vessel was great, the crew was personable, fun, and safe, the food was incredible, the cabins were comfortable, and the dive deck was very accommodating! Can’t wait for my next trip with Blue a Planet. Thanks Heather and Jonas, you’re the best!!!
I had a great time on this trip! The group was super fun! The crew was exceptionally friendly and very accommodating. Blue Planet did an amazing job as always! It was a fantastic way to spend New Years!!!
I had a great time diving in Belize. Ambergris Divers were great. The Sunbreeze Hotel had comfortable accommodations. Andrea and Kim were great trip leaders and made everyone feel comfortable. I had a great time and hope to travel with Blue Planet Scuba again.
Nice hotel accommodations at Sea Breeze, beautiful location, good diving on the reefs and especially at the Blue Hole. Andrea Williams and Kim Walker did a fantastic job organizing the trip for Blue Planet Scuba and working with the Belize DMs at Ambergris Divers.
Thank you so much for an amazing trip, it was more that I could have ever asked for.
We had an absolutely amazing time on this trip. This was our first liveaboard and we were not disappointed. The liveaboard staff was incredible and made the entire experience unforgettable. The dive sites had amazing marine life and wrecks that made the trip well worth it. My husband and I would both go diving in the Red Sea again. The week after, we had the pleasure of doing a land tour and Nile cruise with a fantastic guide, who was with us the entire trip. It was really helpful having the same guide everywhere we went and we really appreciated him looking out for us and giving us good advice on how to make our experience that much better. Blue Planet did a great job organizing this trip! We really felt like we didn't have to do much at all to have this great experience with some pretty awesome people. The people who go on the Blue Planet trips are so friendly and welcoming and we felt like we made a number of new friends. Hope to dive with you all again!
What a wonderful trip! The diving and the land tours were spectacular. To see the remnants of ancient Egyptian history in front of your eyes is mesmerizing. Our Egyptologist was full of knowledge and personality. The group was fantastic, all the venues were beautiful albeit touristy, but the information learned was essential and fun because you were immersed in the actual places and lands you were learning about.
We had a great trip! Live-aboard was great fun with exciting dives! Cruise on the Nile was fabulous! Great group to travel with! Thanks Heather and Jonas!!
I had a great time. The diving was super with lots of learning about coral and coral restoration. Fish came to us for that!
I had an excellent time diving with Blue Planet! The trip was well-organized, full of wonderful people, and an exciting and unique experience.
Was absolutely wonderful! Marin and Jeff were so fantastic. Great hotel, wonderful food, beautiful weather, fantastic scuba diving, and a wonderful group of people!


Hey! Please add me to the waitlist for the Indonesia trip in November! Thanks! Eran Patterson
By Eran Patterson on 25 Nov, 18