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B & B: Dominican Yoga Retreat 2022
B & B: Dominican Yoga Retreat 2022
Samana 32000, Dominican Republic
09 Nov, 2022

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B&B Tulum Yoga Retreat
B&B Tulum Yoga Retreat
Tulum, Quintana Roo, Mexico
03 Nov, 2021


It was a wonderful experience in a beautiful location. The food was fantastic and as usual our instructors are the best of the best! That being said the resort could have used an upgrade in some areas(showers were pretty ugly and didn't function well as far as temp and pressure and the hot tub didn't work)and the WiFi really didn't work on the side we stayed on. That would be ok but communicating with the group and knowing about time/schedule changes was difficult. These things weren't really a huge deal for me knowing I was going to a place that was off the grid. It was pricey but at the same time there was a LOT included. It would have been nice to have had a day to do a little shopping in since our schedule was pretty tight. Thank you so much Breathe & Bend, for putting this together and handling all the things that were out of your control with grace. I don't know if it was planned but there seemed to be a recurring theme of "letting go" which is just what we need to do, let go of so many expectations, baggage and control. Thank you again for facilitating this experience with such a beautiful and diverse group of people. I really hope I can make the next one!! -Namaste 😊🙏
By Jeanne M for B&B Tulum Yoga Retreat on 16 Nov, 2021
Well we all had a unique experience, trying to be overcharged, massage therapist showing up drunk and passing out. I could everything going on in each room around me. The food was good. If it weren’t for Carlo & Antonio the trip would get 1 star. I tried to leave early so I wouldn’t miss my flight. Our driver dropped us off at the wrong terminal. You should ask individuals in a group what airline they are flying out on and be in the same shuttle. It cost us another $30 to get to the right terminal. I had to run to my gate because they were already boarding. A lot of good pushing the time up by 30 minutes. Things were a clusterfuck and nothing ever started on time. Overbooking people seemed to be a problem. Don’t get me started about the music festival. 🙄
By Gina M for B&B Tulum Yoga Retreat on 09 Nov, 2021