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Yalla Roots: Egypt Road Trip!
Yalla Roots: Egypt Road Trip!
Cairo, Cairo Governorate, Egypt
15 Mar, 2022


This trip was like none other. The retreat was uniquely curated to incorporate elements of spirituality, foster deep connection between the attendees, and provide an authentic and meaningful experience of Jamaica. I miss it already and wish I could go back and do it again with the same people!
By Sarah I for Gyal Dem Vol. 2 - (Women Only) Retreat on 20 Jul, 2021
This was an overall fantastic experience. Apart from the absolutely breathtaking views and stunning natural beauty which I cannot rave enough about, the experience felt 100% curated for someone like me. Wafa and Chloe and the whole Burgundy Roots team was a. 100% phenomenal, b. Super professional, c. Had focused interactions dripping with love and care, and d. Totally blew me away. I recommend this trip without reservation whether you are going alone or with a friend/partner. It felt really good to be part of a touring group that had a solid intention to honor and support the communities we visited, the focus on sustainability and respect was a huge plus for me. Visiting farms, eating food that was harvested just for moi :) I know each group will be different, but I also just have to say the sisterhood is next level. I truly believe (but have no idea how) our group was put together with our personalities in mind. We couldn't have meshed better. Over a week since my return and I'm still glowing with the light of my new sisters.
By Dunia H for Gyal Dem Vol. 2 - (Women Only) Retreat on 20 Jul, 2021
This trip was amazing. Wafa carefully curated each experience to truly fit each of us. The experiences felt personalized even in the larger group setting. She partners with locals that are equally as friendly and kind. I loved it and can’t wait to go again!
By Aasiyah Tiffany R for Gyal Dem Vol. 2 - (Women Only) Retreat on 20 Jul, 2021