Burgundy Roots provided a much-needed vacation to Jamaica after being cooped indoors for 15 months (2020!). I first discovered Burgundy Roots on Instagram and took a chance and booked this once and in a lifetime retreat. I wasn't sure what to expect and didn't do a whole lot of research. Luckily, I didn't need to. Wafa and her team provided a well-thought-out itinerary. It was a great mix of beach, hike, nature, food, laughter, and admiring the sea from the Sea Cliff Resort that lulled me to sleep; to bonding with women from across the world. I was able to disconnect from my daily life at home and just spend the time to reflect, recharge, and learn about Islam and the influences on the island. Truly a cross-cultural experience. Wafa and her team were always available for any questions or just to chat during the trip as well as prior to the trip. If you have a chance to book a retreat with Burgundy Roots, don't hesitate - just do it! You'll leave with memories, new friends, and a renewed appreciation for whatever it is that made you want to go on a retreat. I sure did! Thanks, Wafa and the team. Much love to the Gyal Dem Vol.3 ladies!
By Jamila K for Gyal Dem Vol. 3 - (Women Only) Retreat on 12 Sep, 2021
Wafa and her team at burgundy roots made this trip life changing! I had the honor of bringing my wife and Jamaica was such an incredible experience. We loved every single moment of it. Yes, Jamaica is a beautiful country, but what Wafa has done with this retreat is just amazing. Great food, beautiful views, and life-long friendships being made. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!
By Mohamed H for Soul Rebel: Islam in Jamaica Retreat - with Mustafa Briggs on 25 Aug, 2021
I had an amazing time. Everyone was so nice. Definitely one of the best trip of my life. Thank you so much for this experience 🙏🏼 Didi
By DIHYA C for Soul Rebel: Islam in Jamaica Retreat - with Mustafa Briggs on 25 Aug, 2021


I loved it! I mean it was so intricately planned that I felt like I got a real insight into the island! Much love to the team X
By Maimona K on 18 Aug, 2021