Past Trips

Deliberate Stillness Retreat 2019
Deliberate Stillness Retreat 2019
Muir Beach, CA, United States
17 Nov, 19
Pasta e Prana: A Sicily Yoga Retreat
Pasta e Prana: A Sicily Yoga Retreat
Syracuse, Province of Syracuse, Italy
4 May, 19
Deliberate Stillness Retreat 2018
Deliberate Stillness Retreat 2018
Muir Beach, CA, United States
11 Nov, 18
Pasta e Prana: A Tuscany Yoga Retreat
Pasta e Prana: A Tuscany Yoga Retreat
Saturnia, Province of Grosseto, Italy
18 Aug, 18
Journey to Petra: Yoga Adventure - Jordan 2017
Journey to Petra: Yoga Adventure - Jordan 2017
Petra District, Ma'an Governorate, Jordan
1 Nov, 17
Deliberate Stillness Retreat 2017
Deliberate Stillness Retreat 2017
Muir Beach, CA, United States
18 Jun, 17
Enchanted Retreat New Mexico 2016
Enchanted Retreat New Mexico 2016
Jemez Springs, NM, United States
14 Aug, 16


We had a great time in Sicily. Met wonderful people, shared memorable moments, ate delicious food and managed to do lots of yoga, meditation, dance and laugh together,; all in a beautiful, serene place.
We had a wonderful time in a beautiful location with a marvellous teacher. Inspiring and beautiful experience.
We had great time. Wonderful groupe. Amazing food. Very nice and friendly staff and with David Moreno was amazing and great experience.. I had such a wonderful time.thank you for everything ??
Great trip. Nice site. Great group of folks. Good food. Fantastic yoga. David is a remarkably gifted teacher. Overall a wonderful trip!
My experience with David is always magical. I will cross seven continents to be part of his workshops. The accommodations in Italy were lovely. Love you!
Wonderful trip and accommodations! Tuscany was beautiful!
This review is on behalf of me, and Carol Asher: Jordan: Amazing country with wonderfully friendly, welcoming people. Highlights: Wadi Rum and Petra (although the entire trip was fantastic), and the FOOD, FOOD FOOD was delicious; a camel ride to see the sunset and a donkey ride through Petra -- what more could one ask for? We had a nice, small group of unique, interesting and flexible people who were easy to be with. David, the yoga guru and leader of the pack, even inspired me (someone who'd never done yoga) to get myself up to do yoga EVERY MORNING! Lovely Raya was truly a ray of sunshine and worked tirelessly to meet our every need (she even insisted I use her yoga mat). A truly unique journey. Thank you David. Highly recommended!
We had a fantastic journey. David and Raya put together an amazing itinerary. Petra was for me the highlight, but every day had new wonders to experience, including exploring the remarkably intact Roman city of Jerash, buried under the sands for millennia and only recently excavated; looking out over the Holy Land as Moses did from Mt Nebo, at the intersection of Syria, Golan Heights, Israel and the Sea of Galilee, Lebanon and Jordan; the serene green oasis of Ma'in Hot Springs, with natural hot waterfalls feeding the swimming pool, staying in luxe Bedouin tents and riding camels in the stunning Wadi Rum Desert; swimming/floating in the Dead Sea while staying in a grand spa hotel and visiting the very place where John the Baptist dwelt in a cave and baptized his followers, including Jesus. David's daily yoga instruction was a wonderful centerpiece of the trip, quickly bringing us together as a group, and helping us recover quickly from the rigors of travel. The food and hospitality were fantastic everywhere we went. The food alone makes Jordan a worthwhile destination. Our guides George and Ra'ed were very knowledgeable, warm and helpful. The drivers were top-notch, as was the support team from Karma Tours. Our group came together quickly and well. We all really enjoyed each other's company throughout. David was not only an excellent yoga teacher, he was a great leader and friend. And Raya was an incomparable host and companion, sharing the best of her country with generosity, warmth and heart. Thanks to all who made this the trip of a lifetime.
Wow, Wow, Wow, what more can be said of the specular Petra, the goofiness of attempting to swim in the Dead Sea, combined with Yoga, new friends and the wonderful spirit of Yogi David. Namaste. John
David did an fantastic job of organizing this amazing trip to Jordan. The ripples of this trip continue to have positive impacts on my life. And, the group of yoga's David brought together made this trip so fun, for sharing this experience of the Jordan landscape, history, people, and so much more. The group of yogi's David assembled bonded really quickly as if we had known each other for a long time. The trip was good mix of structured visits and personal and small group exploring time, with so much to see, learn and eating are why through Jordan. Now a month later and the trip to Jordan still resonates deeply with me. The amazing landscape and natural beauty, so inspired me that I see my home, the Bay Area in a new light. The history, the familiarity, hearing Jordan in the news, gives me hopes and concerns for peace and prosperity for the Jordan people. For the trip I took away a sense of learning to let go and go with the flow of the group and to be ok with it. I am using this sense/feeling in my personal life to amazing results. Thank you David for organizing and leading the great trip to Jordan.
I had such an incredible time on the "Journey through Petra" with David. We joked about renaming the trip, "Eating your way through Jordan" because we really did do just that. The food was amazing but so we're the people and all of the experiences we had. Doing yoga each morning prepared our bodies for the walking, hiking and exploring that was to come. Each day I thought, "Wow, this is my favorite part of the trip." Then the next day would be even better than the first. I really fell in love with Jordan. It's a safe and beautiful country and the people are just as lovely. I'd highly recommend traveling with David through Jordan, it is the opportunity of a lifetime.
Jordan is beautiful! Amazing landscapes, culture, food, history, and friendly people. Plus, travelling with David is a pleasure.
In my mother Maribel's words, who joined us in Petra: "I am so grateful to you for the experiences of our days in Jordan, it could not have been any better, in every aspect of it; the beauty, the history, the food of the Country, and the kindness of its people. Unforgettable! So happy to have met everybody in our group, and ALL those that were there, so kindly, to assist us and make us have the best of times. It was perfectly organized and coordinated. It was so melancholic to let go! And....I am thrilled to have met you!!! Thanks for the yoga classes. And your great sense of humor! 'Ay! caramba!' and much more. Hope to see you again, sometime soon! Affectionally y hasta pronto! Maribel"
Great retreat and location
What a great combination of yoga teacher, meditation teacher, and location! I really needed a silent retreat just at this point, with some major changes happening with work and life, and David is a fine man and yoga teacher, who deeply understands the whole practice of yoga (not just asana). I learned some very helpful ways to think about meditation as well, since I have been trying to come back to a regular practice of that. Overall lovely experience. One side thought: normally I love partner exercises in yoga; they help build the community. And this group of people was really wonderful. Yet, since I was really into and needing a silent reflective process and wanted to get language out of the way as much as possible, I found myself resistant to the sharing we did. Just my particular need at this time, not a criticism overall of the retreat. Thanks for the whole experience!
Our day was spent exploring different techniques and approaches to meditation integrated with a variety of sessions of yoga practice. It was a really positive and (as always with David) fun way to revisit and refresh both my yoga and meditation practice. I highly recommend this retreat to others.
Amazing experience thanks to the combination of yoga and meditation and the expertise of David. Great location even with heavy rain and great food. I would do it again and would love to bring my husband with me.
Thank you, David, for a wonderful day. The Deliberate Stillness Retreat was a perfect introduction for my first all day yoga-mediation retreat. My wife had attended the previous year's retreat and this was her gift to me. I very much enjoyed the various forms of meditation and of course the yoga. Having the retreat at Green Gulch on a cool, rainy day served to enhance an already great experience. I am already looking forward to next year!
Hi Abhi, I'm just writing to say thank you for such an extraordinary week. I'm still processing it all. And still doing the dinacharya routine (or some of it) each day! - and meditating in the mornings. Am already missing your yoga classes. Mark said something wonderful about the sequence of classes you taught over the course of the week - that they were like parts of a long serial poem, which was the whole week of practice. I agree. Hugs and love and gratitude - see you back in Oakland sometime soon Namaste Suzanne For anyone thinking of doing a retreat with David - you just won't find a sweeter, more expansively knowledgable teacher anywhere. He's the best.
This trip was a transformative experience - an opportunity to truly unplug, restore and refresh. Excellent food and beverage, prepared from farm fresh ingredients according to ayurvedic principles, two top notch yoga practices per day, luxurious hot springs on property, and two outstanding excursions to enjoy the New Mexico landscape - one to Bandelier National Monument - an "only in New Mexico" experience. Not only is David Moreno a yoga master, but his self care suggestions, and depth of wisdom create a new consciousness about one's body and wellness. The Bodhi Zen Center creates a rhythmic, meditative environment in which to connect with others, and oneself. I would definitely jump at the chance to return.


Truthfully, Jordan was not a region of the world I thought I'd be visiting, but I can't possibly describe how happy I am I said yes. David orchestrated such a safe, rich and rewarding experience in such a truly amazing place. The balance of daily asana practice with perfectly curated cultural experiences (Dead Sea! Petra!! Camel ride by starlight!!! Yoga in a Bedouin tent!!!!), and - ohmygawd - the food! There's not a day since my return that I haven't marveled at just how lucky I am to have been in the right place at the right time to receive all the gifts this trip offered...
By Amy, Oakland on 12 Oct, 16
My personal highlight of the trip was the famed Wadi Rum desert stay with an early morning camel ride with the Bedouins and an exquisite "glamping" private tent stay. Every moment was like a dream, steeped in age old history and beauty beyond explanation...
By Kevin, Seattle on 12 Oct, 16
David's trip "Journey to Petra" was an unforgettable trip that was so much more than Petra. The community, the yoga, the food, the sights, the time spent walking the roads of ancient civilizations put so much of my daily life into better perspective. This was some combination of retreat and adventure in a land that holds history of mythic proportion. Seeing this part of the world was also a humbling experience that brought me compassion and understanding for past and present political, religious and social events. I am changed and I would do this Journey again in a heartbeat.
By Ceri, Dallas on 12 Oct, 16
Abhimanyu (David,) I’m glad I waited to tell you about my experience in New Mexico, because I wasn’t aware of how much it would affect me now that I’ve returned to my “normal life.” There was a sadness that I think we all felt when we had to say goodbye to our magical alternate reality we shared, and you helped create for us, in those mountains full of deep wisdom. But since I left the retreat I’ve felt a return to something that I forgot, or missed within me. I’ve taken so many tools for my own spiritual practice from this that I honestly did not expect, I’m so grateful. And like Wolf said, “so inspired by you!” I feel a deep connection with everyone who shared this experience with me, and I think they would agree that this was a transformative experience, to say the least. I would sincerely encourage anyone to do something like this. Going into this I was in a particularly worn down place, emotionally, but yoga has allowed me to transcend that and be in the moment, and cultivate a practice, both spiritually and physically that is nothing short of amazing. Like my mom said, this is a turning point for me, and I didn’t even realize it at the time, but my practice is bolstered by, and draws upon the truly transformative experience I’ve had at the Jemez retreat. I am eternally grateful! THANK YOU! From the bottom of my heart, much love.
By Marlowe Kent, Berkeley on 8 Nov, 16