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Experience Morocco took phenomenal care of my daughter, her husband, and children age 10 and 12 as COVID-19 rearranged the world order this past week. I'd booked the trip to celebrate a big birthday, but my husband and I canceled the day before our departure out of an abundance of caution even though there were just two reported coronavirus cases. On her return, my daughter reported that, despite the tumultuous situation on the ground during their six days in Morocco, they had a wonderful time with their excellent guide, Mohammed, who knew how to fully engage children with tales of Moroccan derring-do (beheadings! hundreds of wives! thousands of progeny!), and equally great driver. But for me, it was their safety that mattered most. While almost all hotels were closing their doors, Radia and her team were able to arrange excellent alternatives. On the six-hour drive from the desert to Skoura, when they discovered that all the local restaurants near the gorges were closed, Mohammed stopped locals, who suggested a nearby inn, which opened its restaurant just for the six of them—incredible! And most important, Radia notified my little band of travelers about air cancellations way before other tourists heard from their booking agents, which gave them precious time to secure seats on an emergency flight Britain arranged to transport stranded people back to London. “The best of houses is the house where an orphan gets love and kindness,” according to the Prophet Muhammad. This mother of four temporarily orphaned family members is forever indebted to Experience Morocco.
By Priscilla E for Priscilla E - Morocco Trip - March 2020 - RT on 25 Mar, 2020
I had a great time on this trip. I don't think I could have planned a better trip through Morocco myself. The only tough part of the trip is the fact that you do have to drive to get to the different locations (so prepare yourself, mentally and medically), but everything else was awesome! Thank you Experience Morocco!
By Shuya G for 2020 Fuqua Morocco Trek on 19 Mar, 2020
Amazing value and unforgettable experience!!
By Elizabeth T for 2020 Fuqua Morocco Trek - Train Station Transfer - Elizabeth Towell on 19 Mar, 2020


I can’t thank EVERYONE at Experience Morocco enough for making this trip happen for us. It has been a dream and we are so happy to have experienced the country in the unique way we have. We have enjoyed every moment we have spent in Morocco from Rabat & Tanger to artisanal Fes, Chefchaouen to Merzouga, the Gorges to our Hammam treatment and tagine class in Marrakech, to the Argan oil and goat trees onto Essaouira. Our trip has been one of a kind because we have been able to meet the individuals who create the artisanal goods, and seeing how they make each item is a special experience. First, Hajar has been there from day one with me planning our trip and customizing it to maximal enjoyment for us. Thank you for all the emails and calls that have made this whole trip possible. I really appreciate it. Nora, thank you for making sure that all of our itinerary is going to plan while we were here in the country. Everything has been amazing. Each of our guides have been so knowledgeable and have taught us so much about daily life, culture, religion, cuisine, and have been so accommodating and have lead us to nothing short of the best food, sites and stores. We are so excited to bring all our goodies home and to share our experiences with friends and family. I’d like to give an honorable mention to El Hadi in Fes because he taught us so much and really helped us experience the culture there. The food tasting tour was the highlight of our stay there. We are still craving the sardines and the best BISSARA in Fes! We would also like to send a special thanks to Cha-Cha in Marrakech because he also helped us understand culture from Morocco’s early years to today’s modern society. Last but definitely not least is a very VERY big thank you to Alaa, our driver. We could not have had a better one. From day one, Alaa has been the glue to keep our trip running smoothly. We always feel safe and so well taken care of because we see the effort he puts in the work he does, and he always gives everything his 110%. He has been so informative and a great teacher to us throughout our whole trip, and we have learned so much about Moroccan culture because of him. Thank you Alaa for driving us all around the country and for teaching us many lessons, not only about what we see when we are driving, but what Moroccan culture can show us about life itself. These key points are lessons we will remember forever. I think the worst part of the trip is having to say goodbye to Morocco and all the wonderful people we have met, but we will return again (inch Allah) and definitely use Experience Morocco a second time! Choukran bezaf!!!! Erica
By Erica Mae M on 09 Oct, 2019