Past Trips

2 Day Reiki Master Certification
2 Day Reiki Master Certification
Bradenton, Florida, USA
13 Jul, 2019
Meditation Weekend Retreat  Jan. 28-29
Meditation Weekend Retreat Jan. 28-29
Heartwood Retreat Center in Bradenton Florida
28 Jan, 2019


The program felt all encompassing and whole. It was spaced out well, to allow you to delve into different areas while others elements were being absorbed. Physically and spiritually demanding, but if you are willing to go there, you will emerge forever changed. The hospitality was wonderful, Ginny really makes you feel at home and the food was divine.
What a wonderful, warm, welcoming community! Food was fantastic as was the teaching, instruction and pace of the course. I really appreciate the wealth of knowledge the instructors have and that they are constantly willing to openly share their experiences and knowledge with students. I respect the instructors and Director immensely for their honesty and willingness to offer students support throughout the teacher training process and thereafter!! What an exceptional experience - one that I am certain is unique and unlike any other. This program is unparalleled! I look forward to the 500!! PS - the property is absolutely stunning!!!