Past Trips

FitTrip Todos Santos
FitTrip Todos Santos
Todos Santos, Baja California Sur, Mexico
20 Feb, 20
FiTrip 2.0
FiTrip 2.0
Akumal, Mexico
1 Feb, 18
Akumal, Mexico
23 Feb, 17


Once again, it was an amazing trip! The workouts were fun, varied and perfectly challenging; the schedule this year for the workouts was perfect and helped prevent your body from becoming too sore.... The food was so healthy and delicious, we all loved it! It was so much fun, invigorating and relaxing!!!
By Alexie Devine for FitTrip Akumal 2020 on 26 Mar, 20
I really enjoyed this travel experience. My only "complaints" would be the facilities the trip was held at. The pool really needed to have been heated for proper enjoyment. Also a bartender and chef on hand for snacks throughout the day would have been great. The leaders were fantastic as well as the classes and excursions.
Beautiful accommodations, welcoming ladies, great workouts and food. Overall, a wonderful experience!
I really enjoyed the FitTrip Akumal trip!!! Jen, Niya and Melissa did an amazing job. It was the perfect combination of fitness, friendships and fun! I would definitely recommend their trips to all my friends!
By Karen Ryan for FitTrip Akumal 2020 on 10 Feb, 20
This trip was amazing! All details were covered by the coordinators and the workouts were phenomenal.
Such a lovely trip all around. The company, the food, and the location were on point. All we had to do was sit back and enjoy the exercises! Wonderful to take the time to do something truly for myself. Can’t wait to go back next year!
By Cara Thornton for FitTrip Akumal 2019 on 23 Aug, 19
This was an amazing trip in a beautiful location with a great group of women! I thought the workouts were a nice mix of cardio, barre, and yoga. Everything was great and it was obvious a lot of thought was put into every detail. Thanks for letting me be a part of it!
By Megan Haubelt for FitTrip Akumal 2019 on 21 Feb, 19
The accomodations were fabulous, food was great (there was a lot of it!) and exercise classes were fun.
By Jennifer Lane for FitTrip Akumal 2019 on 20 Feb, 19
This trip was absolutely wonderful - so well planned and executed. Just enough free time/wiggle room to play and rest with plenty of motivation to get in shape at the amazing range of (yes, fun!) classes. I didn’t have to wonder or stress about anything, which made it a true vacation. The women who organized and taught were strong and incredible, and the other women who attended were kind and inclusive. An amazing time. Can’t wait ‘til next year. Accommodations, food & weather were perfect. Zero complaints. :)
By Deb Zack for FitTrip Akumal 2019 on 20 Feb, 19
This FitTrip exceeded all expectations. It was the perfect mix of working hard and playing hard and the venue was perfection. I loved the paddle boarding excursion- it was great to get out and do something active that wasn't a class to mix it up a little so that was perfect. The food was great and I was so impressed with how the chefs were able to accommodate all of the dietary needs. Thank you and amazing job- will definitely be in for next year. Jenna
What an amazing, amazing, amazing time I had on FitTrip Akumal 2019! The accomodations, the food, the amazing women who led the trip and all of the guests -- and the workouts-- all of it -- it exceeded my expectations. All of the details were handled expertly and Jen, Naya, and Melissa were superb hostesses and workout leaders! This was my first FitTrip but definitely not my last!
By Lyric Turner for FitTrip Akumal 2019 on 13 Feb, 19
Amazing experience! I want to go again and again.
By Chanin Floyd for FiTrip 2.0 on 8 Feb, 18
The most relaxing and rewarding trip ever! Jen, Melissa, and Kath led wonderful and challenging classes in a variety of fitness styles and levels. The food was amazing and fresh and the house was gorgeous, comfortable, well appointed, and beautifully located. I would/will go again! This is a wonderful trip, do not hesitate to sign on!
By Susan Lewis for FiTrip 2.0 on 7 Feb, 18
One of the best trip I have taken. Definitely won't be the last!
By Anne Lechner for FiTrip on 8 Mar, 17
The FiTrip gals did a stellar job with their planning of this trip. They offered us unique workouts a few times a day, but still giving us plenty of time to enjoy other activities that the location had to offer. During the workouts they always payed attention to our form and offered 3 different levels of modifications making it accessible to all the women. The location and accomodations in Mexico were amazing and the food served was healthy and delicious. I truly enjoyed mixing vacation with wellness and feel stronger physically after 3 days with this group. Will definitely join in future retreats.
By Kim Devlin for FiTrip on 1 Mar, 17