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FitTrip Todos Santos
FitTrip Todos Santos
Todos Santos, Baja California Sur, Mexico
20 Feb, 2020


Once again, it was an amazing trip! The workouts were fun, varied and perfectly challenging; the schedule this year for the workouts was perfect and helped prevent your body from becoming too sore.... The food was so healthy and delicious, we all loved it! It was so much fun, invigorating and relaxing!!!
By Alexie Devine for FitTrip Akumal 2020 on 26 Mar, 2020
I really enjoyed this travel experience. My only "complaints" would be the facilities the trip was held at. The pool really needed to have been heated for proper enjoyment. Also a bartender and chef on hand for snacks throughout the day would have been great. The leaders were fantastic as well as the classes and excursions.
By Justine Osborne for FitTrip Todos Santos on 26 Feb, 2020
Beautiful accommodations, welcoming ladies, great workouts and food. Overall, a wonderful experience!
By Christine Cox-Perry for FitTrip Akumal 2020 on 13 Feb, 2020