Past Trips


Where do I begin? I went to the trip empty and not knowing what to expect. But, I ended up meeting some amazing human beings all across the states and Haiti. I had an instant connection with lots of people and we still keep in touch (specifically the youth). I gain free life knowledge and coaching from our late night conversations with Napoleon and others. Truly , exceeded my expectations. If you have not yet traveled and you are reading this, you should go. Worth every penny. Woodeline ?
We had a wonderful time, with an amazing guide! I would do it again a million times!
This was a one and a life time experience for me the country is beautiful our host was amazing he made sure we were comfortable and safe. We actually stayed at two different hotels Sunset cove which the food was amazing the staff was excellent and the view was to died for, and NH Haiti El Rancho was the second hotel this was more american a beautiful hotel 5 star waiters waited on you hand and foot it's a dream come true. We actually went for a Medical Mission with our school Azure College, we visit 3 different hospitals and volunteered at two of them this was a bitter sweet moment but something I will always remember and cherish. I want to thank our host Johnson Napoleon for an amazing time showing us his country experiencing the difference in the medical field with lack of equipment and money to help the people opening our eye to what we have in america and taking granted of it each day. Also I have a 15 year old daughter which he allowed to join the trip and volunteer as well I pray this touched her heart and eventually help her to change and take the things she learned and experience to the next level in her life I'm working with her to do a small article of her experience to publish in her school paper thank you again for this amazing journey.