I don’t even know where to begin. The entire experience was amazing. You should go and go now! Everyone I spoke with in Quito was doing Amazon trips that seemed crowded and nowhere near as amazing as my experience. Communication: My emails were answered quickly before departure and all questions answered. Once in Ecuador we easily communicated via WhatsApp. Office staff spoke flawless English. Arrival: There was a rain delay leaving. Staff communicated via WhatsApp and then at the hangar they updated me. The flight to the lodge was in a small Cessna and I was in the copilot seat, which was super cool!! The pilot spoke English and communicated about the flight etc. I felt perfectly safe! Was met at the airstrip by lodge staff and had a 30 minute boat ride to the lodge. It is a large canoe with a canopy cover. Lodge and room: The lodge is beautiful! I don’t know how they did this in the literal middle of the jungle! If you’ve been on an African safari, the setup is similar. There is a large dining hut and then the individual rooms/huts. My room was clean and the bed was comfortable. Bugs do get in….but just crawling bugs. It’s the jungle after all! Never saw any mosquitos in the room. There is a toilet and shower, but no hot water. Shower was good pressure and soap and shampoo are provided. Filtered water was provided daily. Food: Dietary preferences were met. Food was always good! I am always amazed what they can do in the middle of nowhere. The different fruit juices everyday were fun to try. Guide: My guide was Diego. His English was fabulous! He was very attentive and helpful throughout my stay. He always checked to make sure I was doing well and was so knowledgeable! I loved learning about his tribe, his family, and his culture. I was always amazed at how he could run into the jungle and grab stuff and make something out of it. Activities/animals: So it’s always a gamble when you look for animals. The jungle is very different than a safari. Birds are up high in the canopy so bring a zoom lens (my 255 wasn’t good enough). Insects are up close so bring a macro lens for getting good shots of them. Animals move very fast! We saw dolphins, but they never jumped out of the water. Saw a capybara moving in the water. Lots of insects. Lots of birds at a distance. Honestly, for me this was less about the animals and more about learning about this special culture and appreciating a pristine part of the world. My visit to a village family was simply amazing. Diego translated and it was fun answering their questions (quite shocked I was traveling without my husband) and playing with the kids.
By Naomi E for Naomi Ekas x 1 Kapawi experience August 1 - 8, 2021 on 10 Aug, 2021
This was my 16th trip to this incredible destination. Kapawi has been through a lot of changes over the decades, but it has been resilient and has come back in a wonderful way. For nature and culture it is truly a once in a lifetime experience. Do NOT miss this. Break out of your routines. When COVID is behind us, DO THIS!
By Samuel C for Sam Crothers x 2, Kapawi Ecolodge 5-day Feb 15-19, 2021 on 21 Feb, 2021
I had an amazing Amazon experice at Kapawi Eco-lodge! It is owned and run by the Achuar Indian tribe who were most gracious and helpful. My guide, Simon, was very knowledgeable about the local flora and fauna and brought me on 3-4 nature excursions per day/night. The food was fantastic as was the service staff. I highly recommend this gem of a lodge deep in the Amazon jungle.
By Janet B for Janet Biondi, Kapawi Ecolodge 5-day February 24-28, 2020 (copy) on 01 Mar, 2020